Durable Joggers for Men

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Men can be really tough on workout clothes, especially those that are used for outdoor activities like jogging. It is important for most men to find joggers that look great, are comfortable, and are durable enough to last a long time.

Jogging is a high impact activity. In addition to the wear and tear on your shoes (and knees), it generates a lot of friction that can cause low-quality joggers to look worn very quickly, and to start falling apart soon after you purchase them.

Another thing that is important in finding the right joggers is the material. You want jogging pants to be warm, while still having plenty of breathability.

Joggers for Men

One consideration for warmth is how well it wicks moisture away. Materials with a blend, rather than 100% cotton will allow moisture to be pulled away from your body.

Most men do not want the fit and features of old fashioned sweatpants. Modern joggers for men will have a cleaner, more fitted look.

Another feature that is highly desired in a jogger is flexibility. You want the materials of your joggers to stretch and flex as you run. Anything binding and restrictive makes it difficult to move. You want your workout to be difficult, but not because your pants don’t move enough.

durable Joggers

Fit is Important

Traditionally joggers were sold to be baggy, and the primary purpose was to go on over your shorts before and after a workout. This was great, as long as it was warm enough to run in shorts.

Unfortunately, old fashioned sweatsuits are not very comfortable to actually exercise in. Modern joggers typically feature a closer fit and more flexibility that allows the body to actually move as intended. This can make all the difference when you are trying to get your miles behind you on the track.

Well made joggers will include additional features to make them more durable. Wider seams allow for a higher stitch count, making your pants much stronger at the seams, where athletic wear often fails.

Joggers with a high ratio of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon should also have heat sealing to help make the seams more durable.

Higher End Joggers Will Have extra features

High-quality joggers should feature additional details to make you feel more secure. Many will offer zippered pockets for money and change, so you can carry your wallet or some emergency cash without it bouncing out of your pocket.

In addition to fitting closer, well-made joggers will have features that make exercise easier. Most people carry their cell phones with them when exercising now. Quality joggers should have a comfortable way to carry your phone.

Some of the best joggers incorporate things like internal cell phone sleeves. This guarantees your phone not only doesn’t get dropped but that it has as much protection as possible from the elements. By keeping the pocket inside, it provides the additional security of it being close to your body providing a little bit of extra impact and scratch protection.

Joggers should always incorporate reflective stripes or patches. This makes you much more visible when running in higher traffic areas.

The material used in high-quality joggers will be noticeably softer yet stronger than the old cotton blends that are traditional to sweatpants.

By combining better materials with improved features, modern joggers are able to be more durable, while feeling much more luxurious. When you are working out, you don’t want discomfort from your clothes. Finding the right joggers will help you get the most out of your exercise, and your leisure time!


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