Air Purification – Why Is It Important?

words Alexa Wang

Air Purification

Fresh air within the home isn’t just something pleasant to have but essential for your health and others who live with you. It’s difficult enough that we have to breathe in a lot of unhealthy elements when we’re outdoors, so at least we need clean and healthy air indoors.  

Luckily, anyone can have cleaner air in their house with air purifiers or air conditioners. Basically, they can help in removing air pollutants to a large degree and circulating the air that is present. Here, you’ll discover a lot more about air purification and the easiest ways to purify indoor air.

Air Pollutants

If we were to describe air pollutants in one word, we would say they’re potent. According to WHO (World Health Organization), around 8 million people die annually worldwide from household air pollutants due to cooking and heating via pollutant fuels.

Other common types of pollutants come from mold, building materials, paints, and gases. Many home products we use to try to combat stale air, such as air fresheners or even scented candles, aggravate the problem. We know that some air fresheners might have some unhealthy chemicals in them so they defeat the purpose of trying to get fresh, clean air. Candles, of course, produce smoke; another serious health risk.

Other types of pollutants such as pet fur, dander, pesticides, tobacco smoke, among others must also be curbed to improve our breathing.

The real challenge lies in making and adopting changes in our households to limit indoor pollutants which can cause serious health issues. Here are some very valid reasons why you need to take air purification seriously.

Control Pet Dander

Your pooch might be your best friend, but when it comes to pet dander, it’s not friendly to your health. All furry pets shed fur and flecks of skin. Dander can trigger allergic reactions, and if you already have a pre-condition, furry pets can aggravate it, such as conditions of asthma. Pet allergens can easily make their homes in fabrics, beddings, drapes, and carpets.

If you have an air-conditioner or air purifier you would have solved a lot of this problem. And if you don’t, it makes a lot more sense to purchase either one than to get rid of your pet. An air conditioner already pulls the air out of your home, cools it, and sends it back, helping to purify it.

All ACs and purifiers have filters that you need to change to make sure these machines work optimally. Filter retailers at inform us that regular changing of these filters helps to trap dust and other particles while the machine is working. The most important aspect of buying a filter is to buy the proper size that fits your AC.

Keeping your pet groomed while making sure your air conditioner is working efficiently by changing filters often will go a long way in preventing a lot of pet dander from reaching you.

Maintain Healthy Organs

It goes without saying that breathing in air pollution is damaging to your lungs and overall health. Keep in mind that pollutants can be a product of outdoor air pollution that enters your home. Automatically, breathing in cleaner air will help your lungs and other organs work better and stronger. Trying to breathe comfortably through unhealthy air overworks your lungs.

The oxygen you take in goes directly to your brain. Inhaling stale air can make your mind foggy and not as sharp as it normally would be. You want to keep all your organs functioning healthy without putting a strain on them. 

Keep Allergies at Bay

Allergic diseases are actually more prominent in North America and Europe than in Third World countries. This says something about urban lifestyles which might be a reason behind this fact. Spring and summer months trigger more allergies, but poor air quality can cause allergies all year round.

Toxic chemical cleaners, indoor use of pesticides, or a poorly maintained HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system and other factors can trigger allergies when there isn’t enough indoor ventilation.

Air filter

Outdoor Elements   

Every time you come back home you trudge into your house what’s out there. Some things can be seen like dirt and grime, but other things you can’t see. Your shoes can bring in bacteria, fungus, pesticides, and other unhealthy elements.

These elements can cling to your carpets and furniture and purifying the air can help lessen their harmful effects. When you walk on carpets, particles become airborne again. Knowing so, it makes sense to purify the air from harmful elements.

Running an air purifier can help limit harmful air elements, although it can’t completely rid the air of all types of pollutants. It’s important that we understand the kind of air that we breathe and what we can do to manage or rectify the issue. This is why by keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you’ll certainly have cleaner air at home and be able to maintain the purity of the air that you and your family breathe.


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