My living room brightened up thanks to goods from Bangladesh

words Alexa Wang

Bangladesh is a country that has a wide history and colorful culture. From food to clothes and other decorative items, there is a wide range of things that come straight from Bangladesh. These items can be a valuable addition to your home.

Last year, I was in Bangladesh to visit my family. I decided to renovate and redecorate my house in UK, so I bought some items. Here are some items that I selected for my living room:

  • Woven Baskets:
    If you are looking for an addition for your living room that will be something more than just a decorative item, woven baskets will be a great item for you. These woven baskets are eco friendly as they are made from cane. They come in a number of different sizes and shapes. These baskets can be used to store small items and can also be used as a decorative item.
  • Pouches And Cushions:
    Every living room is bound to have a couch and cushions. If you find some cushion covers that are colorful and aesthetic, you will see that they will have a huge impact on the overall look of your living room. The cushion covers from Bangladesh are very colorful. They are adorned with laces, mirror pieces, pearls and beads. These cushions are very vibrant and bright. Therefore, you can bring life to a dull and simple couch.
  • Hookahs:
    Hookahs are used for smoking. But the hookahs from Bangladesh are far more beautiful than the ones we have in the United Kingdom. They come in a number of sizes and are made out of steel and aluminum. They have colorful segments and have intricate details all over the body of the hookah.
  • Wall Hangings:
    Wall hangings are another popular artifact that comes from Bangladesh. These also have a wide range of variety. From hand printed and painted ones to the ones that are embroidered, you can choose wall hangings that suit your personality and the theme of your living room. Some wall hangings are also an indicator of the Bangladeshi culture and depict the local customs and traditions.
  • Hand Fans:
    Hand fans also have two benefits. Use them as decorative items and carry them with you to fan yourself and keep yourself cool when you go for picnics. These hand fans are not simple and boring. They have textures, colors, beads and embellishments all over them. These too are the artifacts that are eco-friendly and do not have any adverse impact on our environment.

That time, I had not enough money to purchase all the items so I took loan from my mother. She happily agreed. I bought the items and then moved on after a week. Next month, I sent money to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer, as I had to pay back my loan.


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