Gateway of VPS server and emerging speed demands for applications

Gateway of VPS server and emerging speed demands for applications – words Alexa Wang 

VPS server is a virtual private hosting server that serves the purpose to host your website. In order to publish your website on the Internet, you must upload your website files on a web server. It can be both expensive and difficult to set up a managed server.

This is the reason, a control panel is made to make this job easier. A VPS host only requires to upload the files through a control panel to make the website run online. Also, it has now become increasingly demanding among the users to speed up the performance in applications.

Just in case you are running one or multiple applications to monitor the database and website traffic, it becomes must for your applications to be functional 24 x 7. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a control panel to live up to the expectations of the users.

In order to find you the right solution with regards to the right control panel, let’s take a look at the list mentioned below;


VPS server

It is highly customizable, comprehensive in nature, and flexible control panel. This lightweight software enables a user to manage the VPS hosting account with the help of single UI. It is simple to use and easy to integrate.

This highly competent VPS control panel offers great reliability to a user and keeps your application at a minimal risk of downtime. A user can configure it as per their preferences and steer the required software and scripts.


The entire configuration and customization take place through the GUI tools offered to a user. Just in case you want to resell it, it is high in demand. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to create new hosting plans through HSPScomplete.


One can change and customize it with the help of a Customization Manager. You can not only alter the look of your HSPstore but can also customize the website built with the HSPcomplete tools. Be it logos, images, colors, and so forth – HSPcomplete is highly customizable.


The open API provided by the HSPcomplete allows the user to integrate HSPcomplete with their own existing systems. Whether it is the third-party applications or the web services you talk about, this control panel makes it easy to integrate applications and services.


The industry standard programming languages such as SQL allows your database to extend the functionality. It is carried out with regards to the modules. HSPcomplete is also capable of creating its own OS, templates and applications for better offering to the customers.

There are various control panels that you can use for your VPS setup. One developed by Hostinger has several features specially designed for applications required to keep your VPS consistent. Let’s move on to the next control panel in our segment and see what it offers.

Plesk Onyx 

It is a multi-level intuitive control panel that offers a user to have a role-based access to the features. That being said, it allows you to have full control over your website. Also, the required applications can be well maneuvered through Plesk Onyx.

Other than that, the wide array of options connected to the server administrators helps in maintaining the hosting server. Due to the maneuvering characteristics, it is perfect for both Windows and Linux based servers.


The all-new architecture especially fabricated with regards to the extensions allows a user to have a systematic delivery of features. The extension catalog, the new advisor, WordPress Toolkit, and much more can be updated within 24 hours.

VPS server

Operating system (OS) 

Highly compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2012. Apart from that, it is well synced with 14 Linux distributions which include Virtuozzo, Debian, CentOS Ubuntu, CloudLinux 6, 7, and Red Hat Enterprise 6 and 7.

User Interface

Totally rearranged UX/UI with regards to the modern javaScript technology, the interface also fits well with Facebook. Also, the intuitive interface delivers you the perfect coding environment for PHP, javaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl, and so forth.

Quality addons 

Plesk is known to have a certification process that is highly intense in nature. It includes around 112 extensions and 20 more in development. It also consists of code analytics, security check, and UX check. All this leads to high quality of addons.


WHM is a widely used abbreviation in the hosting industry to maneuver master management tool cPanel. It delivers you extended control and flexibility when it comes to managing resource consuming sites, and a number of smaller websites.

It also provides you the option to manage and create multiple cPanels. If you are dealing with popular business-oriented websites, it allows you to steer them with the help of separate cPanels. This level of flexibility is something that makes cPanel so popular among the community.

Benefits of cPanel/WHM for VPS hosting 

online business

  • Easy to configure Apache and to set up the web server software with regards to HTTP request handling.
  • Effective web disk configuration to edit SSL/TLS cipher list in contrast to cPanel’s Web Disk feature.
  • Easy to install latest certificates to the web server.
  • Hassle-free Apache’s PHP handler configuration and other PHP version and an easy enabling and disabling to suEXEC program.
  • Smooth PHP setting and configuration. It is highly ideal for a web developer and the software tester.


You can get access to multiple podiums and other settings that come under this feature. There are other sub-features in it that allows you to create email accounts, email messaging, delete emails, filter creation, email filtering.

File Management

This feature allows you to manage and organize the whole information on your website. Therefore, it makes the file management extremely easy. Other noteworthy features include the formation of subdomains, multiple domains, file backups, and several others.

Smooth Server Management

This is for the more advanced users that use VPS and dedicated servers for their web hosting requirement. It syncs with the command line scripts and quick configuration which are necessary to tackle the server issues.


At the end of the day, a right control panel is meant to suit all of your hosting preferences. However, it varies from a user to user as no two websites are designed on the same foundation of business ideology. It matters not if you are buying a proprietary control panel or getting an open source one.

It is about meeting the needs of your business. In the IT sector, your website is meant for generating ROI to support your capital. Therefore, much as a hosting service matters in this regards, it is equally important how you are integrating it to run your website online.

Where some control panels offer you more flexibility with regards to the security, the others are more feature enriched and handle any application without any problem. So, choose one that syncs well with the requirements of your website.


The increasing popularity of VPS these days, tend a user to look for a prominent solution. Also, the need for fast-paced performance with regards to the essential applications is extremely demanding. Hope the solution provided in the topic helps you.

Gateway of VPS server and emerging speed demands for applications – words Alexa Wang 












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