D*Face debuts ‘Save the World’ art car at Moniker Art Fair

D*Face debuts ‘Save the World’ art car at Moniker Art Fair – words Al Woods

The art car, as a concept, has been around since the 1970’s. Hot Rods were given mad makeovers back then like some mad beasts from the Mad Max movies as artists and designers let their imaginations run wild.

Well, now Kaspersky Lab have rekindled the concept for a new era. They asked leading British street artist Dean Stockton aka D’Face to create his own unique take on the art car but for the 21st century.

The British street artist has unveiled his first-ever Formula E art car in East London. It will be part of the DS Virgin Racing Formula E team. They are one of the founding outfits of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship – The first ever fully electric racing world series.

The car itself bears all their hallmarks of the D’Face style and ethos. The design has the words ‘Save the World’ emblazoned as part of the design in bright bold colours. It also features the D’Face iconic wings. This is art designed to inspire hope and change.

D’Face himself wants his art car to encourage others to makes their own changes.

“Does everyone have a good and bad element to them, and how much does the bad outweigh the good? In times like now, we all need to take on the mantra of the super hero and help Save the World. It is time for all of us to stand together and make a change. Be that stopping data steals, addressing climate change and plastic waste or using damaging fuels. We all have the power to do one thing that will help make a change.”

It’s fitting that the art car will be part of Formula E. Yes, it’s a fully fledged sport but also designed to raise awareness of climate change and speed us along to a more sustainable future.

The car is on display in East London 4th to 7th October as part of the Moniker Art Fair.

D*Face debuts ‘Save the World’ art car at Moniker Art Fair – words Al Woods


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