10 Ways To Have A Memorable Event

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There are so many things that you’re going to want to celebrate in life, whether in a business capacity or a personal one. The biggest issue you’re going to face while you do it, however, is how to make that celebration a memorable one. There will be a day you’ll want to look back on your photos and videos and see what you got up to in the decades before. You need your events to be memorable – especially the ones worth truly celebrating. 

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of ten ways that you can make the event that you’re having the most memorable of them all. From an event photographer to a videographer on hand to capture everything in the most real way, you’re going to have the event documented in the way you always wanted to. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do exactly that.

Memorable Event

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Swag. Running an exhibition stand? Hosting a baby shower? It does not matter the reason for the event: you need SWAG! You need a gift that’s useful, that creates a lasting memory and not one that people instantly throw into the trash when they get home. Swag bags are the grown up version of the party bags you handed out as children!

A social media shout out. Personal or professional, the event you throw deserves a shout out. Imagine having a social media wall on your wedding day? These are walls that are run by hashtag data being collated. So, if your guests are tweeting or posting throughout the wedding or baby shower, you can bet that their posts are all going to go into a single feed and they can all be found. You can even project this onto the wall at your event, so that everyone can see the hashtags and posts. 

Great food. Do you remember that one dish that you had at your birthday party when you were a kid? Well, that’s what we mean. You want people talking about the amazing food you had at your event. Heck, YOU want to remember the food! From candy pick n mix trolleys to the flavored popcorn you serve in little red and white striped boxes, you want your food to be well remembered. If you’re paying out for a caterer, it’s a must that you remember it all fondly.

A signature filter. Whatever the theme of your day, a social media signature filter on Snapchat or Twitter is going to be a mini viral trend during your event. You can follow a pretty easy process for a signature filter, and then let the guests know about it and watch how popular it becomes as they use it to talk about your event and share their photos.

Plan a balloon drop. When the couple comes out onto the dancefloor, when the final competition winner is announced at your event, when the baby’s gender is revealed – all of these climatic moments need something to say pow. A balloon drop could be the answer. All you need is a large net and as many balloons as you can fit into it. Then you tug the ribbon and the balloons are released all over the guests. You could even get your balloons printed with the date of the event, which will make for an epic photo op.

unique event

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  1. Fun activities. You’d play games at a private event. Baby showers are filled with fun teams playing games that allow you all to work together and laugh. At work events, you might make an event more memorable with a wine tasting or cocktail making contest. For those who don’t drink, you could even do chocolate making, or invite a tarot reader to do something that will wow your guests.
  2. Get interactive. A Guitar Hero play off is never out of place at an exhibition, though it may be at a wedding. You could have games that allow you to be more interactive, such as virtual reality goggles that show team games you can play or a quiz with a myriad of prizes involved. 
  3. Signature cocktail making. Okay so we mentioned this as part of the team games, but whether you are hosting a bachelorette party or not, you can have a signature cocktail making party and a taste test. The winner can be the mascot of the event! You could even choose to do non-alcoholic ones so that every event going ahead, you serve this one on ice for your guests as the first drink that they have!
  4. Choose a theme. Whatever the event, you are never too old for this to be a themed one. It gets everyone having fun and that’s the entire point. You need a good theme that’s going to let people let their hair down and have some fun. You can arrive dressed up or dressed down, and then you can match the decor, drinks and food to the theme that you choose.
  5. Set up a photobooth. It’s the most fun thing that you can add to an event and you can add clothing, masks, props and more so that you can have some fantastic photos at the end of the event. If you want to do more here, you can make sure that people get to have a print out of the photos that they took as a part of their memories of the event. It’s also a good way of getting people to come together, even when they don’t know much about each other.

Social events are supposed to be fun, and you can use any or all of the tips above to make it so. You shouldn’t ever have to get an event sorted only to feel like you didn’t do enough to get people remembering ‘that one time at…’. Instead, make sure that you do as much as possible to get word of your event out there, and when you do you will be able to look back with a smile.


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