Supermarket & Food Processing Digital Screen Solutions

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Modern digital signs can be used almost everywhere in the supermarket and food processing industry. From having screens in stores and processing rooms, to having them in corporate offices and staff recreational rooms. There are several perks and benefits to having digital signs in your supermarket or food processing locations.

Digital Screen Solutions

Modern Digital Sign Software is Very Advanced

We all know how cheap digital signs have become, especially since you can use a regular TV if you wish, and the price of those is a fraction of what they were ten years ago. However, few people know how cheap and sophisticated digital signage software has become. As more people invest in the software, the more features are added, the tighter the functions become, and the more efficient the software becomes. These days, scheduling, cross-platform integration, content creation and content sharing can all be done with one piece of software and can be done remotely.

On-Site Promotion Has Never Been Easier

The modern consumer has been spoiled by the internet. The offline world doesn’t sell products as well as the online world. Dragging video content offline into and into real life is going to help you connect with a growing demographic of potential buyers. Plus, it is not like the old days where in-store TVs would play advertisements from a private TV network. These days, each store can create its own videos based on the stock it has right now. Plus, the software can be set up so that if anything goes out of stock, then the ads for that product stop running.

Health, Safety, Training and Motivation

If you set up digital signs in a food processing environment, then it can run a range of programs that will benefit the viewer. It can show various health and safety warnings, which is handy if you run a business where different food-stuffs that are processed a different times seem to offer different risks. The videos can show training information and demonstrations, which may be helpful for newer workers and especially for temporary workers. Plus, with a little bit of innovative creative video building, you could motivate your staff with your videos. Try to think of places where a manager or supervisor would usually need to stand or operate in order to remind people of training, health, safety and offer motivation.

Highly Specialized Digital Screen Enclosures

Digital signs are now so popular that there are a wide range of protective enclosures from which you can choose. There are enclosures out there that are specially designed for the food processing and manufacturing industry. They do things like protect from water, heat, steam and particulate. They use stainless steel time-to-time is food-grade, which means it is corrosion resistant and antibacterial. There are enclosures that can withstands harsh wash downs, ones that are temperature controlled, and ones that are sealed but still offer easy access for users, engineers and installers. Plus, the enclosures have fittings that means you can still attach them to the ceiling, wall or upright mounting.

Offer Information and KPIs

If you are running processing plant within a factory environment, then showing important information and KPIs in the work area may be very helpful. It could show things like when the next delivery or dispatch is going to be, it could show how many units have been processed, or how much time is left for the tasks being undertaken right now. In some cases, the information you present is good to know. In other situations, the data and information you show will help motivate staff, help them view and meet their targets, and will help them make smart decisions based on the current data. This can help streamline any processing tasks, or at the very least help to make your staff more efficient.

Offer Important Information

The previous section suggested things like information on delivery/dispatch times, or perhaps offering information on processing targets so people can see how close they are to hitting their processing targets. However, your digital signs can also offer very important information. It could show ambient temperatures, which is important if you have temperature sensitive products that require very cool air and environments. It could show when products are over or under weight, or when machines are experiencing errors and show where those errors have occurred. This system may also help to identify or limit human error.

Offer Information Within Your Supermarket

This is a very tricky one because if you put signs above aisles and such, then people are looking up rather than looking at your products. Some supermarkets found a use for signs during the Covid pandemic lock downs. They informed people about masks, about single-entry policies, and some used them along with a traffic light system to tell people when they could enter the store. Some supermarkets still use digital signs for non-food things like game demos, gadget demos, and even toy and utensil ads. Some even put digital signs in their bathrooms so that people can watch advertisements while they use the services.


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