Visiting Georgia For The First Time? Here Are 4 Things You Should Do

words Alexa Wang

An iconic part of the U.S. South, Georgia, welcomes guests with a multitude of amazing views and experiences that can only be experienced in this part of the country. Georgia distinguishes out for how well it meets – and exceeds – expectations.

There’s a lot more to Georgia than its famed peaches, with huge cities and tiny villages, a diversified population, strong arts and culture, and a geographical diversity from the mountains to the ocean. Through the landscapes, viewpoints, and people that make Georgia so unique, the state is continuously redefining what it means to be Southern.

If you’re visiting Georgia for the first time, we’ve put up a list of the top four things to see and do. You’ll surely have a great time exploring this area.

Visiting Georgia

Explore the Coast

Georgia offers 160 kilometers of coastline to explore, stretching from Savannah to Cumberland Island. Gaze at the architecture, wander through the ancient squares, sample the bustling food scene, and learn about Savannah’s amazing film past to get a sense of the city’s southern charm.

The 44.2 m Tybee Island Light Station, which dates from 1736, is Georgia’s oldest and tallest lighthouse, and you may climb 178 steps to the summit for a seldom-seen perspective of the coast. The Golden Isles combine tranquil nature with beachside luxury, with five-star hotels, private eco-resorts, clubs that were once the playground of Gilded Age magnates like J.P. Morgan and the Rockefellers, and natural wonders like Driftwood Beach, where a skeleton tree stands sentinel in the waves. A change of scenery is sometimes just what you need to reset, refuel, and reconnect, and these beaches are the ideal spot to do just that.

Have a Taste of Local Food

Eat your heart out in Georgia, where you’ll find everything from traditional home cooking and barbecue to locally produced vegetarian fare and foreign specialties, and where restaurant and dining options vary from casual to fine dining. For instance, Augusta restaurants serve delectable southern fare, and if you’re a foodie, there are hundreds to choose from.

For a truly Southern springtime ritual, grab a bucket and travel to one of Georgia’s numerous pick-your-own farms. Everyone will have a great time selecting their favorite springtime delights from farms all throughout the state. Pick up a punnet of exquisite golden and red fruit in Fort Valley between May and September, or enjoy a peachy delight on practically every menu board in the state. Try the famed peach cobbler, which consists of baked peaches with a biscuit covering and served with ice cream.

Experience History and Culture

Georgia is a place where history, current affairs, and culture collide. Indigenous American heritage, Revolutionary War landmarks, a president’s birthplace, and the beginning of the civil rights movement may all be found in the state. Visit Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and The Carter Center in Atlanta to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthplace and the civil rights struggle. You can’t visit Georgia without coming across history; it’s all around you. Georgia has a lot to teach you, no matter what your interests are.

Some of the best interactive museums, unusual galleries, and award-winning music venues can be found in this bustling cultural sector. The world-class Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, High Museum of Art, and Alliance Theater are all housed in the renowned Woodruff Arts Center. Folk art, religious art, outdoor art, and other forms of art may be found all around the state.

The term  “southern culture” covers a wide range of topics. After all, both in terms of landscape and population, Georgia is a varied state. There is a lot to see and do in Georgia, from distant highlands to shining cities to hidden beaches.

Visiting Georgia

Include Outdoor Activities

In Georgia, you may enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities, like hiking, golfing, fishing, whitewater rafting, and other adrenaline sports. Join a guide to learn a new activity or put your athletic talents to the test on Georgia’s varied landscape, which ranges from mountains to beaches.

Discover Georgia’s natural wonders, such as waterfalls in the North Georgia highlands and the Okefenokee Swamp in the south. Admire the splendor of Georgia’s state and national parks, such as Cumberland Island National Seashore’s wild.  Take to the water to explore Georgia’s numerous lakes, streams, and rivers. To go offshore fishing, rent a boat and wade into a frigid stream to toss a line for monster trout.

Spend time in local parks with activities for all ages, such as swimming pools and splash pads, playgrounds, and paddleboards, and wander through woodland paths in search of antiquities and hidden jewels. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for native birds, reptiles, and other species that flourish across the state, no matter where you travel.

Some of Georgia’s must-see attractions are worth making a special journey for because they are unique. This state is colored by antebellum houses, groomed gardens, peach and cherry blossoms, as well as local festivals, music, and golf. Georgia is home to a rich historical and musical legacy, as well as recreational and cultural attractions.


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