Travelling Abroad: Top Tips For Achieving Affordable Transportation

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International travel destinations are beginning to reopen their doors to tourists. It’s nearly been two years since COVID-19 struck, completely transforming travel, tourism, and vacationing. Thanks to the success of vaccines, social distancing, and personal-protective equipment, governments around the world are finally encouraging travelers to visit their countries again.

If you are a traveler who wants to hit the road, find adventure, and discover countries and cultures that you have never encountered before, then we’ve got you covered. This article will tell you how you can travel while saving money on transportation:

Abroad Affordable Transportation


Travelling by taxi is a great way of getting around, although it’s not always the cheapest. With that said, travelling by taxi in some European cities is very cheap. For example, it’s very easy to find affordable private taxi transfers from Bratislava in Slovakia, as well as many other cities. If you are going to travel by taxi, it is usually best to book your car in advance, otherwise, you could end up paying too much. When you get into taxis outside the airport or on the side of the street, and they realize that you are a foreigner, they might try to overcharge you. Private hire companies don’t do this.


Travelling by plane might seem expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are lots of budget airlines, some offering flights abroad to select destinations for less than $20. If you aren’t particularly concerned with spending a lot of money, then you could always, of course, book yourself a first-class flight. Travelling in first-class is luxurious, relaxing, and lots of fun. First-class flights are extortionate, however. You may be able to get your economy flight bumped up to first-class on the day of your flight for next to nothing if there are cancellations.


Another fun of travelling is by cruise liner. Cruise ships were, for the last few years, completely cancelled. This was because they were hotbeds for coronavirus. Several cruise ships, when the pandemic first began, were overrun with the virus. Passengers had to isolate onboard cruise ships, some for several weeks. Now, however, cruise ships are back on the agenda, and there are many companies offering fantastic deals. If you are going to travel by cruise liner, you have the option of staying on the cruise ship – or disembarking. If you choose to disembark at one of the cruise liner’s stops, then you can stay there and go on vacation, provided that you have an entry permit or visa.

Travelling Abroad: Top Tips For Achieving Affordable Transportation


Travelling by train isn’t as popular as it used to be. There are some trains that run the entire length of the country that they run in. There are other trains that run through several countries, or more. If you are going to travel by train, then you should try to find one that offers sleeping cabins. It can be significantly cheaper to travel by train than it is to travel by plane.


Travelling by car can also be very cheap, provided that you rent an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles allow you to travel virtually for free. The only downside to using an electric vehicle when you are travelling in foreign countries is that you will have to find charging spots, which can be very difficult. Finding charging stations is significantly more difficult in countries that don’t have reliable infrastructures, such as in parts of Africa and Asia. If you are going to invest in an electric car for your travels, then make sure that you research cities and towns that you can stop in along the way to charge. Hybrid cars are also a good option because they allow you to travel using both fuel and electricity. This means that you can travel using fuel in places that aren’t as developed and fill up with electricity when you are in highly developed cities and towns.


Finally, we arrive at this list’s cheapest mode of transport: walking. If you are a real adventurer, then you could go backpacking. When you are walking from country to country, you really get to see what the people and culture are like. Additionally, you can also hitchhike. If you are going to go hitchhiking, then you need to make sure that there’s a “hitchhiking culture” in the country that you are going to. In some places, hitchhikers are so rare that nobody will stop to pick them up. You could also consider taking public transport.

If you are travelling abroad, you should do as much as you can to save yourself money on transport. Travelling isn’t cheap, so reducing your transportation bill as much as possible is definitely a good idea. Follow this article’s advice, and your trip will be budget-friendly.


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