Ancient and historically powerful places you need to visit after the quarantine

words Alexa Wang

The ongoing COVID-19 has made a lot of people stuck in the confinements of their homes. And has delayed every plan of traveling for an unforeseeable duration. We all are longing for adventures and travel which before now must be a commodity for most of us.

Some of the places inspire visitors with there enchanting beauty while the other evokes writers and there are some with the wisdom of ancients. Here I have sorted out the list of 5 historically significant places that are filled with a powerful demeanor and enthralling history. Making such a stupendous plan will make you feel more excited which will evade most of the quarantine stress. So read out the list and set down your post lockdown stress with travel plans. 

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Athens, The City of the Wisdom Goddess

Named after the goddess of wisdom Athena the city has been the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, and drama. The contemporary metropolis accompanied by the urban personality is an open-air museum for the ancient cultural heritage. It always seems to be in the culture that has blended present and past in a slender form. Athen is a city of contrasts and paradoxes with remarkable hospitability for the visitors. With the electrifying nightlife, gastronomic delights, and creative vibes the city is a hub of metropolis cosmopolitan and a spellbinding place to visit.

Rome, The Eternal City

The historically rich city of Rome has been a capital to plenty of gigantic and ancient empires. The eternal city of Rome has a unique structure that blends the 2000-year-old remnant with the present-day architecture. The cultural heritage is blended with the modern-day city such that you will behold the breadth of history at every turn. The smallest state of the world, the Vatican city is the most sacred place for the Catholics. It has been the seat of the papacy since the 14 century. The Vatican museums are flooded with frescoes, priceless scriptures, and spellbinding paintings. One of the world’s greatest and landmarks of the renaissance art is the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. These enchanting sight and the Italian cuisine spellbind a multitude of visitors.

Istanbul: A Bridge Between Europe and Asia

Istanbul is a city with enthralling sights and rich historical significance. The vastness of the city encompasses great artifacts to behold. The blue mosque with its enchanting design is a sight to behold. The Topkapi Palace which has been transformed into a museum was a residence for the Ottoman sultans, attracting the one curious ones. Prince’s island with its calm demeanor has a  soothing effect on the pulses of travelers. While visiting the miniature garden you can have a glimpse of all the country’s artifacts. Also one can have a panoramic view of the whole city from the top of Galata Tower. All of these enthralling experiences are a sight to savor. That’s why Istanbul is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.

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Angkor: An Essential Archaeological Site

Angkor is located in Cambodia and holds historical prestige. The city has been the capital for the Khmer empire during the classical era of Cambodian history. The city is lined with roads, moats, and towers that define the glory the city once held. The main tourist attraction is the Angkor wat temple. Aside from the wat temple, there are plenty of other temples that leave the travelers awestruck.

Angkor is the hub for the maniacs of archeology. The city is one of the most essential archaeological sites in this age. If you adore archaeology then this ancient city of Angkor is perfect for your adventures.

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Mesa Verda: A Home to Cliff Dwellings

Roaming around the cities and dwelling in their uniqueness is a commodity, not everyone can afford it. So, if you have that opportunity then enjoy it to the fullest. 

Mesa Verde is a cliff dwelling that was built between6 and 13 centuries. It was once inhabited by pueblo but now transformed into a park. The Mesa Verda park is considered as the world heritage site that preserves man’s work. On the top cliff once lived the mysterious people who have left their remnants. It is a great place or people with archaeological interests. 

Bits of Advice

If you are not experienced enough to plan a visit to all of these exotic places, then I recommend you hire a suitable travel guide. Be extra cautious with your passport while visiting the places keep it along. You should use a lanyard to hang the passport and carry in comfortably. You can get printed or customized lanyards with the design you prefer from 4inlanyards. Moreover, these customized lanyards can also be used as a camera holder, and if you’re a professional in photography you should consider buying one with your own logo on it. 


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