Australia: The coastal paradise of the world

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Did you know that nearly 90% of Australians live at the coast? Yes, you read that right, Ninety Percent is indeed a huge number but that is what makes Australia so beautiful. The country is the sixth largest country by size and has a population of more than 25 million people. A large area of the Australian mainland is covered by the desert and that is perhaps the main reason that a large chunk of its population live in urban cities along the coast.

Melbourne, Perth and Sydney are some of its sought after cities by the tourists as it is home to some beautiful beaches and offer numerous activities for visiting tourists. These days getting your passports stamped with the Australia visa is one of the most sought after joys of travelers around the globe.

Not a lot of people in the world know much about the fact that Australia has the highest average wealth per person than any other country of the world. For a long period of time it remained behind the resource rich Switzerland but recently it has topped the list for the highest average wealth globally. Life is good for the Australian people as the country is ranked third in the Human Development Index implying that most of its population has a very good standard of living and a very small part of its population lives below the poverty line. All these stats speak for themselves that why a lot of people want to get their hands on the Australian visa.

When it comes to exploring Australia and its beauty there are some good opportunities for having an amazing time, one of them is luxury boat hire experiences, which is a must-try for those seeking a unique and luxurious vacation. Luxury boat hire experiences are a popular option for tourists to explore the beautiful Australian coastline and its surrounding waters. With over 25,000 kilometers of captivating shorelines, it’s no wonder that Australia offers some of the best luxury boat experiences in the world.

coastal paradise

Places to Visit In Australia:

I am sure a lot of you would have heard the Australian people being called the “Kangaroos,” and they are so called because of the huge number of kangaroos present in the country. They are so much in number that apart from the forests and wildlife parks you can expect a kangaroo literally anywhere from the roads to the markets and they can even show up in your backyard. There is in fact an entire Island of them known by the name of Kangaroo Island which is home to not only kangaroos but some of the best food places of the country. Surely a must visit place for all tourists. Apart from the kangaroos you find numerous other animals in the Island. This Island is probably the only place on earth where you can take a walk along the beach along with endangered Australian sea lions.

When you are planning a visit to Australia do not be worried about what you can do during your stay at the country. The opportunities are endless and the fun never ends. Starting off with the most iconic tourist destination of Australia is the Sydney Opera House. A picture that many of you have seen on your mobiles, calendars and where not. However, the Opera House is more than just a beautiful picture it is the center of performing arts which hosts nearly 2000 performances each year which are viewed by more than a million people. So art lovers, this is surely the place next on your visit list.

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The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef which includes more than 800 islands and stretches for more than 2000 kilometers. The sight of the reef is so beautiful that it was named by CNN as one of the seven wonders of the world and has also been named by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The reef is the largest thing made by the combination of several million tiny living organisms. All you nature lovers visit our website now and fill in the application for the Australian Visa right away.

There is many more natural wonders and places to visit in Australia but nature is not all what Australia has. It is home to some of the world’s finest fine dining hotels and restaurants. The welcoming nature Australian hospitality industry is itself an attraction for many people around the world. The country is also famous for sport particularly rugby and cricket and their teams have won several world cups of these sports. Overall the Aussies are passionate and fun loving people and a place that you should surely visit.

How to Apply for The Australian Visa:

You can get your Australian visas by applying from Australian embassies located in your home countries. Moreover, the Visa Application can also be filled online and you can get your visa by following few simple guidelines. Make sure you fill in the correct information and apply for the right type of visa such as tourist visa, business visa and student visa etc. So what are you waiting for, Apply away!


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