6 Creative Resin Projects That Look Expensive

words Alexa Wang

Creative Resin Projects
Selective focus. DIY art decoration of the cup holder with epoxy resin, colored dyes, sparkles. The master wipes the stained element with a napkin.

Some artists prefer painting; others draw, work with clay, or use resin to complete their beautiful works of art. Although painting and drawing with various mediums are more popular, art with resin could be just as delicate and sophisticated as their counterparts.

It could be described as one of the most versatile materials when creating a masterpiece, as artists can combine it with various other substances. From wood to metal, anything in between works well with resin, and many people enjoy the creative combinations these designers come up with each time they cast a new piece.

The best works represent each artist uniquely when they add their personal touch to the items. No two items are identical when created by hand, so here are some projects to try that look expensive but are less costly to make:

Gold Leaf Additions To Hanging Wall Art

What is a home without at least one piece of hanging wall art? Artists are so creative in color combinations and additions that their resin art looks gorgeous and timeless against the right wall.

These are the easiest projects to tackle when starting and all the products one will need are available from stores like JustResin art supplies or any other store that stocks similar items.

First, create the art piece by painting, sticking some glitter or gold leaf at strategic areas, or drawing the background. After that, pour clear resin over it and cure, and you have lovely new art to hang.

Countertops That Look Like Marble

Although the most popular resin that artists use is clear so they can showcase their other skills underneath, there are colorants that they can add to give the resin a specific hue. To add even more detail, artists can use alcohol-based ink to make exciting designs in the resin when poured right.

With practice and skillful application, designers can make resin countertops resembling marble. At first glance, these tops seem as expensive as the real deal, all the while they’re more budget-friendly to create in reality.

Mosaic Tiles Sealed In Epoxy Resin

For the avid mosaic enthusiast, there’s good news when using resin to finish their projects. Instead of grouting between the tiles, pour over some resin to seal the deal. Create an alluring background image with glitter or mirror tiles to make the item stand out from the crowd and look like a million bucks.

Creative Resin Projects

Jewelry With Resin-encased Fresh Flowers

Handmade jewelry is something that never seems to go out of style. It also makes a thoughtful gift for someone special, like your mother, especially when adding their favorite flowers to the design.

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, but they have a short lifespan, so extend it by covering them in resin before adding them to the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings of choice. The item instantly upgrades to a more valuable status, and the receiver will be very sentimental about their new gift.

Agate And Resin Trays, Boards, Or Coasters

Agate comes from slicing mineral geodes thinly or crushing them into more refined pieces. The crystal pieces are shiny and have a mysterious side that few can resist. It could be a costly-looking gift for friends or family when combining agate into items like trays, cheese or breadboards, or even table coasters.

Fake Garden In Jar Lamps

Some homes not on ground floor level miss out on having a garden, but why not bring the garden indoors? Creating a miniature garden is easy when one has an empty glass jar, some sand, twigs, rocks, moss or flowers, and clear resin.

Arrange the little garden inside the jar, pour over the resin, and wait for it to cure. To make the item even more priceless, attach a light fitting to the lid of the jar, connect it to a power source, and there you have a lovely garden lamp that looks like it took ages to make.


Items or gifts can be expensive because they use costly materials and take a long time to design, or they can seem to cost a fortune with all the unique details they have. With a little effort, a lot of creativity, and some love and care, artists can make ordinary things seem out of this world.

Resin projects can be big or small, but the design and creativity each artist brings to their work make the difference to the overall look. With some practice to see what works well together, anyone can start a project and finish it with a gold standard look.


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