5 Unique Engagement Rings She’ll Say “Yes” To

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Unique Engagement Rings

Shopping for engagement rings as a man can be difficult – whether it’s the budget you’re worried about, if the style will be one she’ll love, or the ethical conflict of Earth-mined diamonds is your issue – it can feel overwhelming. Thankfully there are plenty of ring buying guides for men online to take advantage of.

But, most of those guides focus on educating you on the four C’s of diamonds and how to know you’re getting what you paid for. There are fewer resources out there regarding aesthetics, trends, and what she’s really going to love. Especially if your special someone wants something unique and unconventional and you already know this. Let’s look at engagement ring styles that are not just unique but she’ll be thrilled to say “yes” to. 

East-West Settings 

If your girl is the type who is a little bit classic and a lot more modern, the East-West setting is something she’ll fall in love with. This engagement ring trend has had a massive moment in the last year, but it’s got serious staying power as it’s a simple twist on your traditional solitaire setting. While it works best for emerald, marquise, oval, and pear-shaped stones, it simply turns the rock on its side. It also gives you more “bang for your buck” as the stone size appears significantly larger when set horizontally versus vertically. East-West is also an excellent option for the minimalist bride-to-be. If your partner is in any of the above-mentioned personality types, this is the ring for her. 

Colored Stones Instead Of Diamonds 

While the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” it’s time to start asking – are they? Diamonds are beautiful, but there’s a massive humanitarian conflict with Earth-mined diamonds. While lab simulants are an answer to this, you can also opt for a different colored stone. For centuries, rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires have been used in engagement rings. IF they were good enough for monarchs through the ages, they’re worth bringing back or considering an option for your partner. You don’t have to be limited to precious stones either. Some people opt for Amethyst & Turquoise engagement rings. You can even go Onyx if you and your partner have a bit of a goth or rocker side.

Bespoke Is Best 

When you can, having a custom-made ring for your sweetheart is sometimes the best option. Design engagement ring options are available, and it doesn’t take much searching to get started. You know your partner better than anyone else – their likes and dislikes, their tastes, their size, all of it – so put that knowledge to use and go bespoke when it comes to the ring she’ll wear for the rest of her life. While it takes more time to get these rings completed, they are always well worth the wait, not to mention, in many ways, more meaningful. 

Bridgerton Inspired 

Bridgerton-inspired weddings and engagements are all the rage right now. During that era, one popular engagement ring style was the pearl engagement ring, as we saw Antony propose in season two. While pearls take a little more TLC than traditional diamonds do, they are an attractive option for engagement. Pearls symbolize purity and loyalty, and isn’t that what deciding to spend the rest of your lives together is all about? Pearl engagement rings are experiencing a resurgence, so why should your girl’s ring finger miss out on this classic and timeless engagement ring option? They are also sometimes more affordable than diamond rings, or if you know she’d like some diamonds on the ring,  you can do small accent stones flanking the pearl. 

Birthstone Rings 

Enter the birthstone ring option; your girl may be super into the mystic, astrology, etc. If her birthday is in April, you’ll be going with a diamond anyway, but otherwise, birthstone engagement rings are not only unique but super meaningful. You’re grateful she was born, so show her she was made for you with a unique birthstone engagement ring. 

Engagement rings signify your desire to commit to your partner for the rest of your lives, so you should put thought and effort into it. While there is nothing wrong with your thoughts and actions leading you to a traditional princess cut or halo engagement ring, there are other options that may better represent your partner and your relationship together. Use the options mentioned above as your guide to keep your proposal and your engagement ring unique – and congratulations!


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