Life’s a party – when’s the best time to celebrate?

Life’s a party – when’s the best time to celebrate? – words Al Woods

It’s human nature that we will find any excuse to celebrate – life is a party after all.

There will, of course, be dates already in your diary where, each year, celebration is a given – invitations will be sent out and balloons blown up to commemorate turning a year older while New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to dig out the glitter and sparkles and dance the night away.

But, what about those other occasions that happen throughout your life that could pass by with a simple pat on the back, a card or might even go unnoticed. Some of these will only happen once and so it is the perfect opportunity to get your friends and family together and do something that will ensure you remember that day for many years to come.

So, when is a good time to celebrate? Here are seven times worth having a party, along with an appropriate activity to mark the occasion:


Exam results  

Why you should celebrate: studying for exams is stressful and it is unlikely you have spent much time with your head out of your books, let alone had much of a social life. Whether you got the results you were hoping for or not, it is time to let your hair down before you embark on further education or the world of work. It has to be high on the list of things to celebrate.

How to celebrate: get your friends together for a night on the town. To make it extra special, see if you can become a VIP and get your name on the guest list for various bars and clubs so you can skip the queue and sit in your own booth.

Starting a new job / promotion  

Why you should celebrate: you have worked hard to prove yourself, which is why you have even been given the job or earned yourself a promotion. 

How to celebrate: why not get your colleagues together – a great way to get to know them if you have just started or joined a new team – and go to a cocktail making class. You will have great fun learning to make them – and drinking them afterwards – the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself before the work starts.

Passing your driving test  

Why you should celebrate: you only pass your driving test once in your life, whether you started learning as soon as you could or waited a few years, and it’s an important life skill to obtain. 

How to celebrate: what better way to celebrate getting behind the wheel than by going go karting with your friends? Just remember that you aren’t in the go kart anymore when you get back in your real car!

Going to university / travelling

Why you should celebrate: whether you are heading off to university or travelling the world during your gap year, it will be a while before you see your friends and family again, so get them all together for a send off.    

How to celebrate: you could just go out for dinner or drinks but how about doing something a little different, that will definitely be memorable? Board the Brighton Party Bike and you can explore this beautiful city, while drinking, listening to your favourite songs and, of course, pedalling – don’t forget the fancy dress to complete this fun experience!

Birth of a baby  

Why you should celebrate: whether it is the birth of your first or third baby this is a very special moment that will change your life so it’s a good time to start a party and it should be celebrated with your family, friends and partner. 

How to celebrate: you are unlikely to have the energy for a night out, let alone want one! So the best way to celebrate – and one that the new baby can be part of too – is an afternoon tea river cruise. Gather your nearest and dearest and make your way down the UK’s picturesque waterways while sipping on sweet tea and devouring delicious cakes.


Why you should celebrate: is your extended family spread across the country? Has it been a few years since you saw your colleagues from your previous role? Are you heading towards a milestone since leaving school or university? Then this calls for a celebration and a chance to reconnect with old friends and family. 

How to celebrate: choose a central location, book self catering accommodation – perhaps a country cottage or a city town house – and spend a night or two here. You can cook meals, play games, catch up and explore all the city has to offer too.

TV and sporting events

Why you should celebrate: sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics or TV finals such as The Great British Bake Off, X Factor or Strictly are becoming the perfect excuse for a celebration and are ideal for a themed party – some even come with their own drinking games now!   

How to celebrate: for the World Cup you might go and play bubble football before settling down with a beer to watch the match or the Bake Off final is the perfect opportunity to take part in baking experience – which will provide you with some tasty treats to watch it with that evening. Tailor your event to the occasion to get into the spirit.    

Life’s a party – when’s the best time to celebrate? – words Al Woods




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