A Man’s Ultimate Guide for Loungewear

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Loungewear guide

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Loungewear entails the comfort of pajamas, yet the style of everyday clothes. As such, these garments are the choice pieces for those wanting to potter around the house and feel comfortable as they do.

While loungewear centuries ago was typically sophisticated comfortable clothes exclusively for home use, such as silk dressing gowns and smoking jackets. Over time, loungewear has changed and branched off into many different designs – ones beyond Hugh Hefner’s staple look.

For the history and current popular loungewear pieces which every man must own, read on for more.

The History of Loungewear

The origin of dressing gowns dates back to the 17th century when the Dutch East India Company started importing garments called banyans from India to the west.

These pieces were made from luxurious silks and were a preferred form of clothing to wear at home. Especially, in comparison to the tightly fitted fashion suits men wore at the time.

Loungewear has stood in opposition to eveningwear, and as the latter changed so did the former. For instance, in the19th century, when short tuxedos emerged, the smoking jacket – a shortened version of the dressing gown also evolved.

In the early 20th century, clothes such as dressing gowns, slippers, and pajamas increased in popularity with the growing middle class, who had access to more disposable income and leisure time.

Equally, exposure to films revealing how the other half lived and dressed, in stylish loungewear, enabled classic loungewear to reach its peak in popularity in the 1930s.

Post-World War II, loungewear was mostly marketed to a growing population of fathers. And advertised as a wholesome comfortable piece of clothing to reflect dad’s expected nature as he switched off from work in the home.

Plus, it was a welcomed form of clothing in opposition to corporate wear which forced men to conform to wearing grey flannel suits, ties, and polished leather shoes.

As you can imagine, undressing and slipping on their choice loungewear after a long day – usually, a dressing gown and slippers demonstrated a shift in a man’s priorities from a worker to a family man.

More than anything, the sole purpose of loungewear over the years was for men to achieve ultimate comfort in the home, which was and still is a much-needed contrast to the work-life attire and the expectations that come with working.

With a brief insight into the purpose and evolution of loungewear for men, we’ll now move on to the importance of choosing the right fabric, and the choice of loungewear garments you have today.


Be particular about the loungewear you buy and focus on acquiring pieces made up of the following materials;

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen

The benefits of the above fabrics are that the natural materials won’t aggravate your skin, they will wash well, and the pieces will keep their shape better too.

Moreover, these materials will ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature.

Loungewear Must-Haves

  • ·         Hoodie

The loungewear hoodie is essential for a man to experience ultimate comfort and convenience from his clothing. Whether heading to the gym or eating comfort food at home with his other half, this piece is incredibly versatile. Hoodies are a soft, warm, light-fitted jumper with a hood, drawstring, and tapered cuffs. And they are available in most menswear departments in-store and online in an array of colors and styles to suit all personalities.

  • ·         Joggers

The ideal garment for autumn, winter, and spring, joggers are a trusted favorite that supports a man in his quest to relax and lounge on the sofa, to engage in a hobby at home, and they wouldn’t look out of place if they need to run a few errands either.

  • ·         T-shirt

Feel free to express your at-home personality in the form of T-shirts you love.

Be it a top inspired by your favorite TV show, an old Fathers Day t-shirt, sports, or inexplicable words. In your home, it’s your rules – so buy those adventurous, or offensive T-shirts, and wear them with pride.


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