Different Ways to Play Music in Your Car

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Play Music Car

Regardless of whether you’ve got a small budget, or a top-of-the-line system with surround sound and subwoofers for days, we all have different ways we like to listen to music in the car.

Here are some fun and inexpensive ideas on how you can play your favorite tunes on the road

Use Car Speakers

One of the most common ways to play music from a phone is by using your car’s speakers. Many phones now have the ability to connect through Bluetooth or auxiliary cords that plug into jacks present in most modern model automobiles. Once connected, you can control your music directly from your phone with buttons on its face, as well as answer calls and talk hands-free without having to pull over. If you are thinking of installing a car speaker, folks at https://autoguysland.com/ have excellent reviews and suggestions for car speakers and subwoofers. It helps to have reliable sources of information to help you decide and purchase the best sound system your car can have.

Use an FM transmitter

Using an FM transmitter is a cheap way to play music through your car speakers without changing anything in the car itself. This makes it perfect for those who have stock sound systems.  These can be found at any electronics store and range from $20-$40. They work by transmitting your MP3 player over an unoccupied radio station so that everyone in the car can enjoy it without having to wear headphones. These devices range from simple plug-and-play to more high-tech ones, such as those that charge and play multiple devices. Using an FM transmitter is beneficial because it requires no cords whatsoever; however, some people may experience static interference when the transmitter isn’t connected with perfect clarity to an unoccupied radio wave frequency within its radius range. 

Use an under-seat subwoofer

An under-seat subwoofer enhances your car music experience by delivering crisp bass and giving your audio an extra punch. This nifty gadget saves space as it is conveniently placed beneath the seats. It also looks better than boxes on the back seat and doesn’t take up trunk space as a box would. As mentioned earlier, it adds a powerful bass that isn’t there in stock car audio systems.

Use an MP3 disk or USB stick loaded with MP3s

An excellent idea for listening to music in your car is to store your favorite tracks in an MP3 disk or USB stick. These devices have way more storage space than CD disks (and you’re not limited to one album per disk anymore). You can control it via steering wheel buttons or radio controls, so no need to mess around with your iPod when driving. Just get in the car and go! And if you get bored of certain songs, just tell your system to skip them! No need to drive all the way home.

Don’t forget to brush up on under seat subwoofer installation! Some things just go together…like peanut butter and jelly, or bread and butter. Well, music in your car should go well with an under-seat subwoofer.

Streaming music apps

There are many popular streaming music apps that allow you to listen to music using nothing except an internet connection! These are great because if you are driving on long road trips that take up much data, then these are usually unlimited plans. You can also make a playlist specifically for driving songs using these apps. Just because you listen to the same playlist all the time doesn’t mean you can’t make a playlist for your car! Try making one with songs about cars or driving, or ones that have awesome bass. One advantage of making a playlist is you have more control over what’s playing. This is a good idea if you have a large music collection and don’t want to be limited by what’s on your iPod, and if you are tired of having to listen to certain songs on their iPods.

Use auxiliary ports or jacks

Auxiliary jacks come in handy by simply plugging your MP3 player into an auxiliary port (most cars have at least one) in your card. If your car doesn’t have an auxiliary port, some newer cars come equipped with a CD/MP3 player built into the dash. This type of system is also common for RVs and boats. You can also simply play music off your smartphone. Some vehicles come with an auxiliary port that allows you to use one, but if they do not, you can purchase a special cord called an “iPhone connector” at communication retailers online or even Walmart for around $20-$30.

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There’s really no right or wrong way to play music in your car.  What matters is playing the music as you see fit and enjoyable. Hopefully, these tips will help you better enjoy your musical experience wherever you are on the road!


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