AC leaks: How to Fix and How Much it Costs

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It’s normal to become stressed or even panic when appliances don’t function properly. When unordinary circumstances arise, we are met with several considerations. We worry about our safety, our health, and our expenses when things begin to malfunction. 

AC leaks

AC leaks are quite common, but they must never be neglected. If you have noticed a leakage in one of your ACs, then read on to learn how to fix it and how much a repair will cost. 

AC Leaks

AC leaks do occur from time to time, and the reasons can vary. What most homeowners and residents concern themselves with are the effects of AC leakage and whether they are dangerous. AC leaks typically tend not to be alarming, but they must be inspected for overall health and safety. You should never put off AC maintenance, regardless of whether the matter is big or small. The only truly dangerous leak to concern yourself with is refrigerant leakage because the liquid can become gas. If your AC is only leaking water, you’re safe. In any case, don’t wait to get it fixed. This can, however, be easily prevented with the right solutions. Installing a refrigerant leak detector next to your AC unit will help you detect and fix any leaks before they become dangerous. It is also imperative to schedule regular maintenance for your AC unit. This will not only keep it functioning efficiently but also identify any potential issues, preventing them from becoming bigger problems in the future.

Average Repair Cost 

Air-con services vary in price depending on the country in which you reside. Therefore, always be on the lookout for cost-effective solutions. For instance, in Singapore, you can find great deals that include many services aside from just fixing one problem; this helps if you cannot determine the issue. A Singapore aircon contractor will offer a range of services from leakages, gas checkups, temperature troubleshooting, and a chemical wash at an affordable price. Some even include a free checkup of the overall functionality of the air-conditioner. When looking for the right contractor, be diligent in your search for one that works with your air-con brand, and provide efficient services to prevent paying more down the line. 

It’s important to have an estimate of the price before hiring a repair service and compare prices of different air-con services to ensure you’re not being overcharged. Keep in mind that the severity of the problem will also change the average repair cost. 

AC repairs, such as troubleshooting services, typically vary from $75 to $180. Some professional services can cost as much as up to $200 per hour. Annual inspection and maintenance might be the best deal as this tends to cost around $80 to $100. As mentioned above, it’s best to look for multiple services in one and special deals to avoid spending a large sum of money, as individual repairs can be exorbitant. 

  • Capacitor or contactor replacement price varies between $90 and $475
  • Detection and repair costs for refrigerant leaks can range between $225 to $1600
  • Circuit board replacements are around $120 to $600
  •  Replacement of circuit breakers, relays or fuses, can be anywhere in the $15 to $300 range
  •  Thermostat replacements can start from $115 to $470
  • AC compressor repair hard start kit can be $100 or increase up to $250
  •  condensing unit fan motor replacement costs $100 to $700
  • evaporator coil replacement costs $650 to $1200
  •  AC refrigerant recharge can go for $100 to $800
  • The most expensive repair cost is the home air compressor replacement, which can range anywhere between $1350 and $2300. 

Once you have an estimate, it’s time to look for a professional who can help you out. It’s important to find services that specialize in specific appliance repairs that you need at that moment so that you have a knowledgeable professional at your disposal. Do your research and compare your options before making the final decision.

How to Fix it

You can try to determine the root of the problem yourself before hiring a service. While attempting to fix the problem on your own can result in more repairs and increased bills down the road, you can still investigate the issue to learn more about what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future. Some issues can simply be about the location of the AC; is it exposed to humidity? Is warm air entering your window AC? This can be solved by sealing the gaps and cracks in windows.  If the issue is a cracked, missing, overflowing drain pan, the water won’t drain outside sufficiently, causing a leakage. 

AC leaks

Keep your filter clean, as a clogged air filter is another reason why your AC is starting to leak. It makes your refrigerant unable to retain heat from your home, causing the evaporator coils to freeze. When this happens, it can damage your compressor as warm or no air will be circulating. The minute you notice frozen evaporator coils, turn your AC off immediately and let a professional take it from there. 

Moreover, a clogged drain line could also result in leakage. However, this could potentially be resolved with the right tools and some DIY skills. The condensate line typically is susceptible to blockage due to fungi, debris, and algae. All you need to do is give the drain a thorough clean now and then. You can hire a professional to handle this or attempt to clear it yourself. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why an AC may leak. The most important thing to do is to determine the root of the problem and find an affordable repair service. Keep up with AC maintenance by keeping it clean yourself. Lastly, remember that refrigerant leaks, although they are rare, are a cause for concern, and you must turn off your AC immediately. 


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