Optimizing Your Health: Where Should You Start?

words Al Woods

Staying healthy is such a broad concept because it can reference a lot of things and it’s never clear enough. Most people relate it to physical health, but being healthy isn’t necessarily just about our physical state and whether or not we’re in good shape.

Yes, physical health is important, but it’s not all that there is. There are other things related to our well-being, like our mental health, for instance. 

Optimizing health

Our diet can completely alter the way we feel and prevent a lot of illnesses. The amount of sleep that we get is also essential for our well-being. There are a lot of things that we can use to optimize our health, but the problem is that they are a lot and so it can be a bit confusing, and more often than not, we end up lost and unsure how to begin this process. If you feel this way, then maybe you should read this article. 


Your body is a reflection of what you feed yourself, after all, you are what you eat. This means that you’re indirectly controlling your body to be and feel a certain way. Scary, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be because you can always learn more about nutrition and how to get the most from what you eat. This may change your lifestyle a bit, it’ll also definitely alter the way you eat, but it’ll be worth it. Changing the way you eat will make you feel better both physically and mentally. It’ll also increase your efficiency, boost your energy, and make you feel healthier. 

Working Out

If you’re fixating on your health right now, then you need to be looking into exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym every week to be healthy, but you do need to move your body around to truly optimize your health. Exercising is not just about getting rid of extra weight or building muscle, it also provides the body with amazing health benefits. For instance, working out circulates your blood around, which ultimately improves your cardiovascular health, lowers the risk of developing diseases, improves your cognitive abilities, helps your mental health, and keeps you awake and alert.


If you’ve been googling about health optimization, then you must have come across the term; “biohacking”. Recently, scientists have been experimenting with biohacking, which is basically this new technique that helps the body function better in new, untraditional ways. According to the experts from Know About Health, biohacking can help improve sleep, increase weight loss, improve memory function and alertness, boosts the immune system, and has anti-aging benefits. There isn’t one way to perform biohacking; it has various forms and it could be anything from carefully designing what you eat to consuming supplements that will help you sleep better. You should also know that biohacking isn’t necessarily approved by the FDA, which is why some physicians won’t help you with it because they don’t want to be held responsible in case anything goes wrong. This is why you should seek professional advice before you biohack your body in whichever way you choose.

Psychological Health 

Our psychological health has a lot of impact on our physical well-being as well as our overall well-being. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because it makes a lot of sense that our mental health can be reflected through our bodies. 

Your Health

For instance, it’s normal to feel physical pains, if you’re psychologically unwell. It can also affect your sleep, mood, and diet habits. It can release a lot of hormones that can affect your body in various ways. With that being said, you must look out for your mental health because at the end of the day it’s a vital component that should not be ignored.


Drinking water is so underrated, which is unbelievable because our bodies are mostly made up of water. In other words, our bodies will stop functioning if they’re not given water after a certain number of days. A lot of people find it extremely tedious to drink a liter or two during the day, if you have similar feelings, then perhaps you might want to look into eating your water as well as drinking it. Try eating fruits and vegetables that have a lot of water in them like cucumbers and watermelons, for instance. 

If you really want to optimize your health, then the first step that you should take is learning about your body and its well-being. Give yourself the chance to get to know what your body needs so that you’re able to nourish it. 


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