Six tips on how to add space to your kitchen

Six tips on how to add space to your kitchen – words Alexa Wang

From cooking and gossiping to family room and dining, a kitchen often serves several purposes in the home. If you want to turn your kitchen from cluttered and chaotic to tip-top tidy, take a look at some of these simple tricks that’ll swiftly transform and add space to your kitchen.

add space to your kitchen, pantry

DIY doors in Kitchen Cupboards

We all stuff our kitchen cupboards full of junk (food!), but not many of us think to make the most of the doors too. Whether it’s for jars, herbs, spices or cleaning products, the inside of your doors provide a great storage solution and let you stow stuff away both efficiently and discretely.


Banish your bin

If you don’t want your bin intruding on your floor space and you’ve got a spare empty cupboard going, hide your bin in it. After all, who wants their rubbish and recycling on display anyway?

add space to your kitchen

Pull-out pantry

If you’ve not already got one built in, consider converting some of your kitchen cupboards into pull-out pantries. You’ll still be working with the same amount of space, but you’ll be surprised by how much more you can store and, importantly, how much easier your stuff will be to access.

add space to your kitchen

Cue the chopping board

Instead of cluttering up your worktops with your chopping board, install a pull-out panel that’s practical to get to when needed, but easily hidden away when not in use.

kitchen containers

Co-ordinated containers

Replace disorganised cardboard cereal boxes and bags of pasta with matching containers that complement the look, feel and colour scheme of your kitchen. You won’t necessarily be saving any space, but coordinated containers look much more neat and organised than a mish-mash of packaging.

baking trays

Toppling trays

Do your baking trays have a bad habit of sliding all over the show when you open the cupboard door? Well, have no fear, the handy basket is here – much tidier!

Six tips on how to add space to your kitchen – words Alexa Wang

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