The Flavours of Al-Andalus: A Culinary Tour of Morrocco and Southern Spain

Alexa Wang

The food and cuisine of a place are one of the most exciting things that attract us there. When you are visiting a place on a vacation, its delicious and popular cuisine is something that makes your day even more exciting! When you are in southern Spain, you can take a ferry to Morrocco to get a complete taste and flavours of Al-Andalus.

The trip itself will be exciting as the ferry passes through the Strait of Gibraltar in less than an hour! Do not miss this opportunity to try a variety of dishes and taste of the place! Let us now discuss some of the most delicious cuisines that you shall try when visiting Morrocco and southern Spain.

Al-Andalus food Morrocco


This is one of the most delicious as well as popular dishes you will find at this place. The process of preparing this dish is as exciting as its taste. Apart from exotic ingredients, it requires a special set of vessels to be able to cook the same on a charcoal fire. This dish is named after a specially crafted pot. Meat, as well as vegetables, are basic ingredients used to cook this mouth-watering dish of Morrocco! To get a good experience of the trip, you shall not forget to try a dish like Tagine.

  • Couscous:

Do you love exploring different kinds of pasta? Couscous is one of the most interesting kinds of pasta you will ever taste! The speciality of Al-Andalus, couscous is pasta that is made using semolina making it a healthy meal to consume after a day of fun and exploration. To get an original and real taste of the same, make sure you visit an authentic restaurant that might have professional and experienced cooks.

  • Paella:

This Spanish food tastes even more delicious when served in a decorative and shallow pan. If you want to try the local seafood of that place, then you can give this dish a try. This is because seafood is one of the most common ingredients used to prepare this dish. The kind of flavours added to rice and seafood in this cuisine makes it popular and delicious. Apart from good taste, paella will also supplement your body with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. You can try the same repeatedly during the trip as it keeps your body healthy and fit.

  • Sweets:

No meal is complete and perfect without a sweet at the end! To give Al-Andalus cuisine a perfect end, you shall try local and exotic sweets like baklava and turron. Baklava is a kind of pastry with a thin layer of honey on top of it that adds to the taste. You can find baklava in the majority of restaurants there. While turron is a sweet that is primarily made using egg, honey, a bit of sugar and nuts. This is one of the most delicious as well as widely consumed desserts during the month of Christmas.


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