Top 5 Benefits of Seeing an Online Doctor

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online doctor


If you are interested in getting a phone or video appointment with an online doctor but are skeptical about its benefits, you are not alone. The term “online doctor” was not widely known until the COVID-19 pandemic put many people into lockdown, forcing many patients to look for alternatives to visiting their physician in an office.

Many people turned to online doctors during this time, and its popularity grew. Distance doctoring, an upshot of telemedicine, has several benefits. Here are the top five you should know about if you are considering switching to an online service for your health care. 

It’s like a home visit, but better

With an in-person consultation, you must travel to the hospital or clinic to see your doctor. Often, patients must take time off work, arrange child care and pay for parking. These extra costs are a headache, and only add to the medical bills you have pending. With online doctors, the only thing you need is a mobile device and internet connectivity. 

You can sit in the comfort of your own home and get excellent, quality medical attention. Not to mention online doctors are not geographically limited. You can find online doctors from anywhere in the world, from a specialist in New York to one of the many online doctors NZ has available.

Quick Medical Response

Getting access to a doctor is one thing, getting feedback in good time is also very important. Timing can significantly impact a patient’s prognosis and how a patient responds to treatment. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing a doctor in person brings with it extra inconveniences in hospitals and clinics. Restrictions on capacity means you may have to wait in long queues before you see a doctor. Thankfully, it’s not the same for online doctors. With online doctors, you can see a doctor almost immediately. Often, you can book an appointment and see the doctor the same day. 


Making time for regular checkups can be tiring, especially if you have a busy schedule. Imagine a single parent who works full-time or a person who works shift work. People who live in rural areas also find it difficult to find time to travel to a major centre for medical care as well. Making time to see the doctor is a challenge many people face.  

Online doctors are easy to schedule and convenient, no matter where you are or what time you need to see one. They make seeking medical care easier and stress-free. You can book an appointment at the time you find convenient, without having to rearrange your regular schedule. 


Privacy is essential when it comes to health issues. Even during a private consultation, a patient will often still have to disclose the reason for their visit with front desk staff, often within earshot of others in the waiting room. It can be embarrassing to disclose certain sensitive information about our medical symptoms. Once you are with your doctor, it can also be embarrassing to disclose sensitive information face-to-face. However, it is dangerous not to disclose all of the information the doctor requires to assess your health status.  

Online doctors offer complete anonymity, and booking is done online. They create a suitable atmosphere where you can privately discuss your issues without feeling embarrassed or worrying about others overhearing you. Often, patients feel more comfortable disclosing information to an online doctor, since they are in the comfort of their own home as well. 

Access to the Best Doctors

With online doctors, you have the liberty of consulting with any doctor of your choice. There are many specialists and medical practitioners who are the best in their respective fields and are available online. Rather than paying more to see doctors in person or waiting months to see a specialist in your city, you can conveniently choose the best doctors from anywhere, and get access to treatment for a variety of different issues – from skin allergies to colds. 

Thankfully, many online doctor services allow you to choose your own online doctor. They typically display a list of their doctors and their availability so you can choose your preferred one.  

Online Doctors Are Here To Stay

It can be difficult deciding to use an online doctor service, especially if it’s your first time. You may be skeptical that the level of service will not compare to the in-person consultations you are used to. However, online doctors are just like meeting a doctor in person, except it all happens virtually. 

Read and research extensively about online doctors before taking the plunge. Understand their services, their fee structure and their limitations. If you have any questions, check out their FAQ page, or look for reviews online. Alternatively, you can reach out to their customer support through phone or email for answers to your queries.



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