How To Train To Maximize Your Physical Potential

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Physical Potential

The problem with a physical game is that physical fatigue often leads to mental exhaustion and poor performance. So, you need to stay sharp, mentally, and physically. The only way to do that is to harness your ability to keep up with the physical exhaustion.

You can do that by maximizing your physical potential. If you have exhausted the breath of your physicality, you can be sure that you are ready or near ready to compete with your peers. Here is what you can do to achieve that.


While there is a tendency to sharpen one edge of your game to perfection, neglecting the rest of the physical self might be counterproductive. Imagine having awesome cardio and inadequate strength training. You want to be strong, fast, and flexible. You will only be able to achieve this by ensuring that your game is all around. If you are doing your exercises, you have to balance it out effectively. Some people will be operating at their peak for just a few minutes, and from there, they become a liability to the team. Balancing your physical strength can change these vulnerabilities of your body. Your body is designed to work as a unit. If one aspect is weakling, then the rest of the body will be slowed down. 


A story is told of the person who cut a tree using a razor blade. It is impossible. How did he or she do that? Every day, he/she woke up early and repeated the drill from dusk to dawn. When he/she eventually did cut the tree, no one believed it. Your body will only reach its potential if you refuse to show its limits. Let your body know that it can always do better. If today’s 50-inch vertical leap sounds insane, tomorrow you will be closer than you are today. So, you will strive higher every day until when you eventually reach your goal.

You Are What You Eat

If your diet consists of macaroni and noodles, don’t be surprised if your body keeps failing you every time there is a physical challenge. First, start eating like a person who wants to achieve maximum potential. Start eating like the athlete that you want to become. Whole meals work best for most athletes. You have to balance the meal nicely by ensuring that you are taking enough vegetables, fruits, and essential fats. You want to develop lean muscle that can explode at pace while still offering strength and ability to execute moves. 

Train With The Experts

Training with the best has that tendency to give you an edge every time. At some time in life, you will need to learn the tricks that elite players use to do what they do. The team at contends that you need these expert tips to get better. Some drills are impossible for ordinary people. If you can watch the pros do it, you can realize that they are doable. If someone tells you that you can dunk better than a professional player, you will probably not believe it. However, if you see someone, such as Jordan Kilganon, dunk better than some of the elite NBA players, you get the feeling that you can condition yourself to pull it off, too.  

Understand Your Body

Well, I did not say you understand your body color. There are all those myths about what some people with certain skin tones can or cannot do. Ignore that. Knowing your body is all about understanding your body composition. Your height, weight, reach, and other essential attributes about your body that you will probably need to visit a nutritionist to know. Work with your body. Do not try to do what someone is doing just because you want to achieve what he or she does. Ask yourself what will make you do something well. What can fail you? 

Get Enough Rest And Sleep

Physical fitness

If you are not getting enough rest and sleep, your body will have trouble offering you its best output. Besides, it might interest you to know that poor sleep patterns can lead to stress, eating disorders, anxiety issues, and even weight gain. Ensure that you have 8 hours of sleep for maximum body cooperation.

Your body will rely on several things to achieve its full potential. If you ensure that it has enough nutritional needs, it will be ready to push through any workout regime. With persistence and continuous pursuit of elite status, you can achieve your maximum potential. 


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