The 7 Best Data Viz Tools for Business in 2021

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Data visualization is defined as the visual representation of data in the form of simple bar graphs, curves, and actionable maps. It is especially useful when you’re working with big data because it helps you make sense of thousands, if not millions, of discrete data points by taking advantage of your natural pattern-spotting abilities.

It’s also useful for presenting data to non-data-savvy decision-makers as data visualizations are easier to comprehend.

There are a number of tools you can use to visualize your data. Read on to learn about seven of the best data visualization tools for business in 2021.

Viz Tools


Maptive allows you to build robust, intuitive maps from up to 100,000 data points. From there, you can perform a variety of analyses that will give you a better understanding of your data. For instance, you can use the heat map tool to analyze data density. Other tools for analysis include:

●      The distance calculation tool

●      The drawing tool

●      The multi-stop route planner and optimization tool

●      The location finder/store finder tool

●      The lasso tool

●      The demographics/census mapping tool

●      The geographic boundary territory tool

●      The filter tool

●      The drive time polygon tool

●      The radius map tool

●      The polygon territory tool

Additionally, Maptive allows you to group markers by color and create multiple variable groupings.


A robust data visualization software program, Tableau helps you visualize your data in the form of maps, charts, and pretty much every other type of professional graphic. It’s easy to use, mobile-friendly, and can be connected to multiple data sources. Features of this tool include:

●      Intuitive user experience

●      Powerful analytics

●      Ability to share and collaborate on graphics in real-time

●      Doesn’t require a complex software setup

●      Includes visual tools such as colors, trend lines, charts, and graphs

●      Offers drag-and-drop options 


Designed for marketing agencies, Whatagraph offers an easy way to report marketing campaign data to clients. Features of this software include:

●      Limitless customization options: you can pick from hundreds of different premade reporting widgets, or you can create your own

●      Automated report creation and delivery: allows you to process and deliver data to the right clients without having to do all the work yourself

●      Seamless integration with over 40 of the top digital marketing platforms, including Facebook Ads, MailChimp, and Google Analytics

●      Easy cross-platform data analysis that allows you to compare various marketing platforms and their performance in one report.

●      White-label reports that you can customize as you see fit.


Sisense’s visual dashboards and reports provide instant insights for everyone in your organization, no matter where they are. In doing so, you can uncover underlying patterns and trends from which you can make data-driven decisions. Features of this program include:

●      AI-powered explanations that automatically highlights interesting values, reasons, and impacts behind your data

●      Increased live data experience offers optimized real-time queries, the context for each query, and transparency behind every widget.

●      An extended connection that expands the flexibility and functionality at the data connection level by adding custom behavior.

●      Generated PDFs and images at scale

●      Mobile-friendly

●      User-friendly interface

●      Easy upgrades

●      Integration with different data sources

Workday Adaptive Planning

Designed specifically for business users, Workday Adaptive Planning focuses your analysis and decision-making on what’s important. Using interactive drill-down and visual storytelling, you can identify root causes, answer questions quickly, and spot trends. Features of this software include:

●      The ability to connect to any data source

●      Personalized dashboards

●      Modular metrics

●      Shared metrics

●      Cloud analytics

●      Interactive dashboards and charts

●      Built-in collaboration features

●      Management reporting

Dundas BI

Dundas BI offers extremely interactive visualizations that help users to understand data quicker and more comprehensively. It provides rich scorecards, smart tables, gauges, maps, numerous chart types, data labels, treemaps, sparkline, indicators, diagrams, and relationships. This tool is based on responsive HTML5 web technology so users can connect, interact, and analyze their data on any device from anywhere. Features of this software include:

●      Flexible design

●      The ability to write direct SQL against any data source you choose

●       Endless customization options with no add-ons or additional products required

●      Interactive data views

●      The ability to run ad-hoc queries, perform visual data analytics and quickly create actionable and relevant content

Google Charts

Powerful and easy to use, Google Charts offers an interactive data visualization tool for browsers and mobile devices. It features a rich gallery of charts that includes everything from simple scatter plots to hierarchical treemaps. Other features of this app include:

●      Interactive dashboard

●      Can read from multiple data sources

●      Is completely free

●      Completely customizable charts

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