How to Recharge Your Mobile Phone Online

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Recharge Your Phone Online

Remember when mobile phones are just used for phone calls? Well, those times are over as mobile phones have come a long way and are now used for multiple purposes.

In other words, mobile phones are now indispensable in our daily lives and having your mobile phone topped up with credits is imperative in ensuring its availability.

But before we get started on the method of recharging your mobile credits, let’s first go over some basic questions.

The Types of Mobile Phone Credit Plans

Usually, there are two types of mobile plans—prepaid and postpaid. For postpaid mobile plans, your mobile phone bills are delivered to you at the end of the month. As such, a postpaid plan does not require its users to have mobile phone credits. They can use their phone services whenever and they will be billed monthly.

And on the other side of the aisle, the prepaid plan is a deal that comes with a set amount of credits which users will need to top up when they use up the said credits. The top-up process for these credits varies for different telco services but most of the execution can be done via a mobile app.

Prepaid vs Postpaid—Which is Better?

To be honest, there isn’t a definitive answer to this question as it is a matter of preference. So what we’re going to do here is show you what are the advantages of both of these plans and let you decide for yourself which is up your alley.


Postpaid plans are usually much more collective, They are more towards families or companies because these plans usually include added perks like TV services and other entertainment platforms.

And although it might be a bit more expensive than prepaid plans, postpaid plans have unlimited call and mobile data. Therefore, you will not need to worry about your mobile game disconnecting halfway during a match due to insufficient mobile date etc.

Our verdict on the postpaid plan is that if you have a large family or a close-knit group of friends, subscribing to a postpaid plan might be your best bet.


Prepaid plans are designed to be more personal and are usually for a single individual only. Compared to postpaid plans, the prepaid option is noticeably cheaper with the drawback of having a set amount of credit and mobile data.

Don’t let this discourage you from subscribing to a prepaid plan though, as most modern prepaid plans provide a generous amount of credit/mobile data. If we’re looking for bang per buck, prepaid plans are definitely more worth it for single users.

A More Direct Approach With Direct Mobile Recharge

Recharge Mobile Phone Online

Besides subscribing to a specific mobile plan, there is also another way to directly top up your mobile phone credits online. Right now you can directly top up your mobile phone credits through OffGamers which supports mobile phone numbers for over 150 countries.

Here are 4 simple steps to directly top up your mobile credits at OffGamers:

Step 1: Access the website

Head over to OffGamers’ Mobile Recharge page here

Step 2: Select your country

Choose the country that your mobile phone number is from.

Step 3: Insert the mobile phone number

Below the country selection, you can insert the phone number that you wish to top up your credits. It is recommended that you double-check the inserted phone number before proceeding.

Step 4: Select your desired top-up amount

Under the “Mobile Credits Direct Top-up”, you can select the top-up amount and proceed to make your payment. After that is done, your mobile phone credits will be reloaded.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are actually many options for you to add credits to your mobile phone. To recap, if your entire family wants to streamline their mobile phone payments, postpaid is the way to go. On the other hand, if you are living alone, a prepaid plan might be more suitable for you, and you can also conveniently add the credits online.


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