How to calm an anxious mind for a good night’s sleep

words Alexa Wang

Anxiety disorders can make even simple tasks more complicated than they have to be, and that includes sleep. The issue with this is that a lack of sleep actually exacerbates the symptoms of anxiety. In order to nip this vicious cycle in the bud, it is important to come up with healthy sleep patterns that ensure a good night’s rest.

Investing in the most comfortable mattress you can for your sleep style and making sure you’ve done your research when it comes to other accessories such as sleep blankets are a good starting point when it comes to optimizing your sleep cycle. Here’s how to hush your busy brain for a night of much-needed rest:

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Optimizing your present sleep routine

If you aren’t in too much of a rush to change your bedroom dramatically in order to improve your sleep, there are smaller investment items you can choose to try first to repair your sleep cycles.

Weighted blankets have gained a lot of popularity over the years as effective tools with which to improve one’s sleep, especially for those who deal with issues around anxiety.

The best weighted blankets work by creating something called gentle pressure stimulation uniformly across the body. This sensation is why weighted blankets can mimic the feeling of being embraced or swaddled, which the body responds to with feeling calmer, more restful, and better primed for sleep.

When you’re thinking about the ways a weighted blanket benefits your sleep cycle, it’s a no-brainer that they might be worth investing in, but it can still be daunting putting aside money for it. This is where a sleep trial comes in – the best weighted blanket companies usually allow you to test out your products before committing to the purchase. Well worth the try for a good night’s sleep.

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Good sleep needs the right setup

When attempting to do research surrounding the best mattress possible for your sleep cycle, it’s important to review your needs. Do you work a high-stress, physically strenuous job?

If you find yourself on your feet all day, you’re going to need a mattress that can support your body and relieve it’s pressure points while it recharges at night. The best mattresses are able to orthopedically support and comfort you through the night – memory foam mattresses tend to be a good halfway point for those looking for this balance.

Memory foam mattresses are designed for all sleeper types, and their contouring capabilities mean that regardless of the position you find most comfortable, your mattress adapts to your needs. The best mattresses also take into account other factors – ease of clean, hypoallergenic capabilities, and importantly, climate control, which allows regulation of body temperature through the night.

Coming up with a night routine that works for you

Just as individual sleep routines differ from person to person, so do symptoms of anxiety and what help relieve them. Whether you choose to invest in the best mattress or weighted blanket for you or not, the trick is to keep trying different ways to get the rest you need through the night.

Studies have shown again and again some tried and true methods for priming the body for bedtime. Dimming down the lights and staying away from your phones a few hours before sleep helps avoid disruption of your body’s production of melatonin, an essential component of a healthy sleep cycle. Having a calming pre-sleep ritual,  such as drinking a cup of chamomile or herbal tea (without any caffeine, of course) can also help train the body to prep itself for sleep.

Learning what works for you, investing in the best mattress you can, and supplementing your sleep with additional tools are all ways to master your sleep cycle with anxiety. While it may require adjusting, there are ways to live productively and effectively in conjunction with your anxiety – with the help of these tips, you’ll be halfway there.


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