Lessons You Can Only Learn From Failed Relationships

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Learn From Relationships

More often than not, failed relationships end in tears, heartbreak, disappointment, and lots of emotional baggage. At times, the entire thing can put a huge toll on your quality of life. However, time is the best healer and a few weeks or months down the line, the emotional burden becomes lighter and the person gains enough strength and confidence to get back in the game. Most importantly, a failed relationship is not always a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s an opportunity to learn and experience life so you can make better decisions or react to different situations better in the future when in a new relationship. Other times, breakups are an opportunity to let you reflect on where you went wrong and what you could change if you got another chance.

On this note, as Get Her Back Guide explains, one of the first things you’ll need to do if you want to get your ex back is to determine who ended the relationship. From there, you can learn why this happened, give her time, and start attracting her back using various approaches. While it’s not always advisable to wait and learn from your failures, it doesn’t hurt to learn from them if they’ve already occurred. Here are some lessons you can only learn from failed relationships.

Communication Is Key

Effective communication is one of the fundamental pillars of a good, healthy relationship. More often than not, however, many people only realize this when the ship has already sunk. Once you’ve been in several relationships, you become better at communicating and expressing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Proper, open, and clear communication allows the two of you in a relationship to understand each other better so you can make things work out, and there’s no better time to realize this than when a relationship has failed.

No One Entirely Belongs To You  

Yes, when in a relationship, she’s or he’s your babe. But let’s be honest, you are your person and no one can entirely belong to you no matter how deep your connection is or how committed you are to them. What this means is that you can’t have control over their lifestyle choices, behaviors, thoughts, and actions. Only a failed relationship can teach you this.

Patience, Calm, and Resilience

A relationship can put a huge toll on you. It requires work, sacrifice, and a lot of discipline, especially when it comes to keeping you calm, being patient, and observing tolerance. Your emotions have to always be in check and you also have to learn to accept or tolerate the excesses of your partner as much as you can. Even if the relationship fails, you’ll come out of it a better person at controlling your emotions and feelings such as temper, jealousy, sadness, and negative mood, all of which are important skills in life. 

Trust Is Earned but Sometimes You Just Have To Give It

Trust is another important building block of a successful relationship. When there’s a lack of trust, relationships often fail. However, you’ll also realize that sometimes your partner doesn’t always have to earn trust. If you’re always paranoid and suspicious, for instance, this can transmit a negative vibe that may influence your partner to take actions that make them lose your trust eventually. A failed relationship will teach you that if unresolved, trust issues can tear a healthy relationship down, gradually or instantaneously. This is why openness, honesty, and effective communication are paramount in a relationship.

Anger Management is Paramount

Learn Failed Relationships

From time to time, we all get angry at our partners. It’s a natural emotion that doesn’t make anyone less human, unless, of course, it gets out of control, happens too often, or lasts longer than usual. It’s also a common relationship killer if left unmanaged, especially if it leads to abuse, neglect, or actions that threaten the safety and wellness of yourself and others. This is something people learn shortly after a relationship is shattered.

Expectations Differ and People Change

In the early stages of a relationship, the pair often has so many common interests. More often than not, these are the factors that draw them towards each other, such as goals in life, common interests, sexual tension, and physical attraction, just to name a few. However, these things tend to become less essential with time to one or both partners. Over time, the partners may start to feel as if they’re with a completely different person from the one they met, which can contribute to the end of the relationship.

Especially if everything is working out great, the last thing anyone wants to imagine is their partner leaving them for anything. But it happens and it’s not the end of life. The best thing is that there’s always something to learn from a failed relationship, and the above are just a few examples.


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