CBD oil to relax and fight stress

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When it comes to stress, a distinction can be made between good and bad stress. Good stress acts like a motor that drives you to keep a clear head in difficult situations and to master challenges.

Bad stress also occurs in situations that are not stressful at all. If constant tension is created by stress, this can favour various diseases, from a simple cold to intestinal disorders to a solid gastric ulcer or burnout syndrome.

Bad stress can also result in damage to the blood vessels, obesity, bruxism (grinding of teeth), heart attack or sleep disorders. CBD has a calming effect and regulates the hormonal balance. It can have a regulating effect on the symptoms of stress.

Some studies and research have proven that CBD oil helps with constant stress. But there is so much that can be done in terms of relaxation with CBD products. Also, we can now easily buy the best CBD weed on JustBob, one of the most recognized online CBD shop in the UK and Europe.

CBD oil stress

Causes of stress

There are physical and psychological stress triggers. Psychological factors are ambition, fear of responsibility or rejection, or only poor time management. Anyone who does not have any balancing activities here, such as sport or relaxation techniques, quickly becomes mentally overloaded.

Physical stress, as our ancestors knew it in life-threatening situations, is instead the exception today.

CBD oil action and effect on stress

Cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant works directly on the hormone level and can help reduce stress hormones.

CBD can intervene to regulate stress and on the one hand, hold the hormonal balance and on the other hand, mitigate psychological factors in advance. Those who are calmer before a stressful phase can approach the stress-causing situations more calmly and are less stressed afterwards.

Also, it has a mood-enhancing effect and increases self-esteem through a better mood. Those who see the world more positively are also more relaxed in stressful situations.

CBD oil is available on the internet in different concentrations and of varying quality. It is not always clear whether the product delivers what the advertising promises. That is why it makes sense to do some research before buying, as it is ultimately about your health. The CBD oil test at JustBob is very extensive and meaningful, and it is done by a governmental third -party: the University of Milan.

How does CBD oil work with stress?

CBD is an ingredient of the hemp plant, but it does not show any psychoactive effects. It has an anti-cramping, anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect. Due to its primary mode of action, it helps the body to regain rest in stressful situations.

It enables the consumer to counteract better the psychological stress that occurs first. For example, CBD oil influences the stress hormone adrenaline via the endocannabinoid system.

It harmonizes adrenaline levels and also affects cortisol, which is responsible for fight or flight reactions. CBD oil can trigger positive stress in the body and help to cope better with stressful situations.

CBD oil can be of great help in the short term with stress. However, those who suffer from constant anxiety should work on the stress triggers and only use CBD as support. It can relieve symptoms in stress therapy and help to get out of the stress spiral faster.

What else helps against stress?

Have a daily routine

A morning routine helps you start the day more relaxed. For example, the morning routine might consist of getting up at the same time, meditating for a few minutes, going outside, doing some stretching, or writing down a few things that were good the previous day.

Rituals distributed throughout the day help out of adverse situations. These rituals can consist of briefly turning on your favorite song and taking a few deep breaths or distracting yourself with a soothing scent. In stressful moments, the smell of lavender is very relaxing.

  • Exercise

Endurance sports are particularly suitable to reduce your stress level for lowering your stress level and counteracting the negative consequences of stress in the long term.

Exercise in the fresh air is an excellent way to increase the energy level again. Sometimes such a change of perspective helps when the ceiling falls on your head. So, think again. It can be a short walk, the jogging lap or just feeling the grass with bare feet, seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling something else.

  • Breathing

Breathing works without thinking about it. It is accelerated in fear and can be consciously influenced. Different breathing techniques will help you relax. It is generally beneficial to breathe deeply into your stomach through your nose and then relieve it, perhaps even to exhale audibly.

  • Meditation and relaxation

Meditation helps to achieve inner peace, more serenity and self-confidence. It’s a time for yourself, with no distractions.

Many people find it challenging to sit quietly and concentrate on their breathing and just let emerging thoughts go without evaluating them. It takes a lot of patience and practice at the beginning. Over time, you will find inner peace and serenity. Those who meditate have more emotional intelligence and social skills.

CBD oil: a natural treatment

CBD can easily be integrated into your daily routine. You can buy your CBD online on JustBob.shop and choose between the large selection of CBD flowers or CBD oils.


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