7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

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What is the top date to propose to your beloved one? You could say Valentine’s Day, but Christmas Eve can also be the ideal time. Any time you choose can be beautiful and memorable. We’re happy to offer you some suggestions when purchasing the perfect engagement ring.

Many people love to plan weddings in the spring and summer. Anyone who intends to get married should first seek out their partner’s hand and then seal the marriage by presenting them with a diamond ring. But purchasing an engagement ring can be easier to say than done. What do I know about the one she is most fond of? How can I determine the size of the ring on her finger? What do I need to consider when purchasing rings? We have created a checklist.

Perfect Engagement Ring

Modern Or Classic?

Does your partner have a classic or modern kind of style? Understanding what your fiancé would like is crucial to finding the perfect engagement ring. Do they prefer contemporary design or something really flashy? Do you choose platinum or gold? Choices are abundant regarding style and materials nowadays. However, traditional yellow or rose wedding rings made of gold are frequently selected. A final tip: be aware of the selection of wedding rings. In the end, the engagement ring should match the wedding ring for the rest of your life. You may even consider going with a bridal set that contains both rings. 

Find Their Ring Size

The ring must be able to sit comfortably on the finger. But how can you determine the size of your beloved’s ring without making her suspect? There are many ways to accomplish this. The most practical way is to bring a ring they frequently wear to a jeweler. If this doesn’t work, it is possible to determine the diameter of the inside of the ring using another method. 

Another method for determining the size of the ring of your bride-to-be is to place the ring she has on your finger and then determine the exact point at which the ring will fit. Perhaps make an impression of a ring that fits them using a soap bar and bring it to the jeweler. This is also feasible. Think outside the box!

Perfect Engagement Ring

The Choice Of Diamond

Traditionally, engagement rings are made of diamonds and precious metals. The most well-known jewelry has to be the diamond solitaire ring. A single diamond is set inside this ring. The diamond ring with smaller diamonds placed on the sides is another option. Are you unable to make an informed choice? If so, we can offer you the option of choosing the loose diamond (or an alternative gemstone). Then, you can come back with us later to select the ring or create it with us. In this way, you won’t pick an unsuitable ring.

Pay Attention To The Diamond Cut

You need to note how the diamond is cut when you’ve chosen your diamond (or any other gem). Cut and shape are different, and only round diamonds will have a cut grade. It is what determines the ring’s appearance. A baguette-cut diamond won’t show the sparkle of a diamond cut in a brilliant way or dispersion (fire and rainbow colors). That’s why it’s beneficial to inquire from the jeweler to explain the differences. The quality of the diamond cut is noted on an official diamond certificate. The terms used to describe this are excellent, very good, fair, fair, or poor. If you have a large diamond that is not sparkling, it is a complete blunder. So, our recommendation is to select the best quality cut with the least cost. Having a beautifully cut diamond will make all of the difference. 

Choose The Color Of A Diamond

A classic engagement ring contains an uncolored diamond. The diamond’s colors are graded D through Z. It is D, which happens to be the purest white. Because colorless diamonds are rare, they can also be expensive. Only trained diamond appraisers can observe the distinction between color D and color F. If you’re looking for an inexpensive engagement ring, ensure that you choose a diamond with the color H or G. If the diamond has a more yellow hue (for instance, I or J), the color difference can be seen even by the uninitiated.

Isn’t it enough for the ring to be the standard engagement ring? You can choose a colored stone. Consider, for instance, the black or yellow diamond, blue sapphire, green emerald, and red ruby. You can create an engagement ring that stands out with these stunning shades.

Determine The Carat Of The Diamond

The carat is the indicator of the weight of the stone. One carat (abbreviation CRT) is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. If you’re looking to purchase an affordable engagement ring with a diamond of approximately one carat, think about buying a diamond that weighs between 0.93 ct. to 0.98 ct. There isn’t much visual distinction to the naked eye between .98 ct. and 1.00 ct.

Beware To The Clarity Of The Diamond

You can determine the clarity of a diamond in the following terms:

  • LC – flawless (‘flawless internal flawless)
  • VVS1 – extremely tiny inclusions (‘very tiny inclusions),
  • VVS2 (idem)
  • VS1 tiny inclusions ( tiny inclusions),
  • VVS2 (idem) SI1 – minor inclusions 
  • SI2 (idem) 
  • SI3 (idem) 
  • PI1 Pique (imperfections that are visible to an unaided eye)
  • PI2 (idem)
  • PI3 (idem)

Our advice is to inquire with the jeweler what the difference is. For instance, a stone with high purity (with an LC Quality Mark) is priced differently from one with the PI1 quality. If you believe it’s less crucial than a diamond with a perfect cut, opt for SI1 high-quality. However, be careful: don’t cut corners on the quality of a stone because it creates a stunning sparkle. It is also a must that you’ll want to wrap a ‘shining’ gemstone around your beloved’s finger.


A commitment ring is a tangible sign of your affection. Therefore, you should take your time and purchase the ring that best suits your partner. Shopping online allows you to browse our endless assortment of wedding rings and easily buy them. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be the same as buying a bunch of flowers. It’s a gift that they’ll treasure throughout her life.


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