Extremely clever gift ideas for your best friend

words Alexa Wang

clever gift ideas

You are the one person who probably knows everything about your best friend. Even then it can still be pretty difficult to come up with unique ideas for a gift. The trick is to find that perfect gift for your best friend that will play well into their personality. It should be something that either complements a hobby of theirs, practical, or even fun for the both of you. 

Below are some different ideas for gifts that you can give your closest friend on their next big occasion

  1. Jewelry. While this is not necessarily a distinctive category, its specifics can be customized to make it very unique. Picking out a bracelet or a necklace that can be engraved will make this a special gift. Pick an engraving of something special related to her personality or your friendship that show how special she is to you. Get her favorite quote, an inside joke that both of you share, or a special nickname that only the both of you use.
  2. Framed Black and White Photos. If your friend is a photography lover and a classic movie fan, you can present her with a very special gift that plays right into her personality. Creating a collection of posters or framed photos of their favorite classical movie starts is fun and different. You can click here to find a huge collection of vintage Marilyn Monroe pictures, old vintage ads, and all the way to black and white French movie stars from the 1960s. It is an excellent way to let them know that you know their personality inside out.
  1. Audio Books. If you and your best friend share a love of books, a clever gift would be to provide them with an audio book subscription. If they have ever expressed an interest in listening to books and maybe didn’t have the time, this can be the perfect gift. This can give them all the books that they have ever wanted to read and have them listen to it anytime. This will also ensure they remember you every time they start a new audio book.
  1. Yoga Kit. A final clever gift is to get your friend a gift that helps motivate them and improve their lifestyle. If you and your best friend has been trying to encourage each other to exercise, but neither of you actually takes astep, then this may help.  Take the first step and buy her a yoga kit. Not only will this motivate her, but will encourage both of you to hit the mat together. Get a kit that includes the yoga mat, foam blocks, rubber strap, and a microfiber towel. While you are at it, get yourself one too.

Buy gifts for anyone and especially your close friends can get worrisome and tricky. The rule is to remember all the aspects of your best friend’s personality and see what gifts you can get that will complement and fit either a hobby, a lifestyle change they wish to achieve, or just fun and emotional gifts that shows the bond between the both of you. 

gift ideas for your best friend


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