5 Items of Clothing That Won’t Go Out of Fashion

words Alexa Wang

Fashion trends change throughout the years and it can be both costly and challenging trying to keep up. With the added impact of fashion fashion, trends are even more short lived these days. That’s why it’s important to own some timeless pieces which won’t go out of fashion. You’ll spend less money and you’ll always have a go-to outfit that you can wear over and over again.

In this post we’ll reveal 5 items of clothing that won’t go out of fashion which you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

timeless Fashion

Little Black Dress

The origins of the LBD can be dated back to 1926 when Vogue featured a design from Coco Chanel. It was designed to be simple and accessible to women of all classes and it became an instant hit. Almost 100 years on and it’s still just as popular and deserves its place in every wardrobe. It’s a go-to style that can be worn for just about any occasion. Pair an LBD with heels and statement jewellery for an on-trend evening look, or even wear it to the office with a jacket and pumps 

Wrap Dress

The wrap dress really is a timeless classic thanks to its incredible versatility and flattering design. Created in 1974 by fashion designer Diane Von Fersenberg, it is just as popular today as it was back then. The design of the wrap dress accentuates your curves and camouflages any problem areas making it a popular choice for many. On top of this it can be styled in so many different ways. From wearing it open with jeans for a casual daytime look, to dressing it up with heels for a stylish evening outfit, it really does work for any occasion.

fashion classic


A blazer is an essential item to have in your wardrobe due to its amazing versatility. Whether you want to wear one to work for a formal look, or wear one with jeans and a nice top for casual weekend attire, it can work for any occasion. Although blazers can set you back more than most items on the list, they’re worth the investment. We’d recommend a black fitted blazer which accentuates your waist and can be worn with most outfits. 

Animal Print Dress

Some trends come and go, but animal print comes back season after season. Whether it’s leopard print, snake print, or even zebra print, it keeps coming back and never goes out of fashion. One of the most popular animal print items is a leopard print dress, like those from Dancing Leopard. You can wear them for a formal or casual occasion and they’ll stay in fashion for years to come!

Pencil Skirt

If you want a skirt that will never go out of fashion then look no further than the pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is a flattering shape as it skims the body with a narrow cut, and it’s the perfect choice of skirt for a range of outfit needs. A black pencil skirt is a classic to wear for the office which you can wear year after year. 


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