6 Smart Daily Tips to Keep Your Eyes in Good Health at Work

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Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is something that almost all of us are guilty of doing. While using digital devices has become second nature to most of us in this day and age, many people do not recognize the effects this can have on their eye health. This blog post will discuss some simple tips that you should follow daily!

Shield Them From The Screen

Long days spent at a computer can take its toll on our eyes, leading to strain, fatigue, and dryness. To ensure your peepers stay in top condition while you work, one essential practice is protecting them from overexposure. More and more office workers are looking for blue light protection glasses in order to make sure they’re safe from these rays. Proactive measures are essential when it comes to eye health.  

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These glasses could further protect your precious vision from the relentless monotony of work life. Investing a couple of minutes of your day towards shielding your eyes will go a long way in keeping them in optimal shape and preventing any potentially damaging vision issues down the line.

Take Breaks 

Taking regular breaks while working is one way to ensure your eyes stay healthy, no matter how much time you’re spending in front of a screen. Our eyes get fatigued when they stare at the same image for too long, so it’s important to give them the rest they need in order to remain healthy and prevent headaches or vision problems. 

Short pauses throughout the day — as little as five minutes every hour — can make all the difference in reducing eye strain and keeping your focus sharp. Instead of reaching for that third cup of coffee, try taking a break — stretch your legs, look away from your computer, or chat with a colleague. Your eyes will thank you!

Adjust Your Screen 

Adjusting the screen settings can make all the difference when it comes to reducing strain and fatigue in the eyes. Here are some starter tips:

  • brightness
  • reduce blue light
  • increase font size
  • adjust contrast
  • use a larger screen
  • position it properly
  • reduce glare

Additionally, by increasing text size and contrast, as well as turning up the brightness slightly, you can make your work easier on your eyes than ever before. Having these settings adjusted will guarantee a healthier time at your work desk every time you sit down. 

Use Proper Lighting 

Working at the computer all day can put a strain on your eyes, but there are simple steps you can take to keep them healthy. One of the most important is maintaining proper lighting. Bright, fluorescent lights can cause eyestrain, and it’s essential to adjust your environment so they aren’t overwhelming. Natural lighting should come from windows and indirect lamps – silence harsh overhead lights where possible. 

It may also help to reduce reflective surfaces that bounce light back toward you while working. Eye strain is easily avoidable — just be mindful of how screens and light affect you and take the necessary steps to cater to an ergonomic workspace for your eye health!

Moisturize Them 

Another great way to protect your eyes from glaring screens, harsh lighting, and long hours of staring is by moisturizing them regularly. Doing this as part of a daily routine can be incredibly helpful in reducing redness, blurring, and other unpleasant symptoms. For best results, look for eye drops that are formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera or blueberry extract to soothe irritation and absorb easily into the skin. 

Or use a soft cloth to apply coconut oil or almond oil to your closed lids overnight for extra hydration – the natural oils lock in moisture for lasting relief. Keep a bottle of eye drops handy at your desk and make it part of your daily routine to ensure you’re keeping your eyes healthy while you work.

Exercise Your Eyes 

Keeping your eyes active is an important part of your health, especially if you’re spending long hours staring at computer screens. One of the best ways to exercise your peepers is to focus on shifting your gaze from near to far throughout the day. Doing this helps keep your eye muscles moving and prevent strain (which can lead to headaches). 

You should also make sure to take regular breaks for focusing on something farther away – for example, you could cursorily glance out a nearby window. This not only gives you a change of scenery, but it’s also helpful in preventing conditions like dry eye syndrome or computer vision syndrome from developing over time. 

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Shielding your eyes from the glare of your computer screen and adjusting its settings can reduce the amount of strain on your eyes considerably. Additionally, using proper lighting and moisturizing can help protect them as well. Finally, exercising your eyes can help with the movement and rate of effort needed to focus on the task at hand. While our environment may put physical strain on our eyes, they don’t have to pay the price if you make conscious decisions to do things like take breaks from a screen or adjust the way you are working. With these tips in mind, start taking measures today for healthier sight for tomorrow!


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