From Manual to Electric: Which Type of Wheelchair is Right for You?

words Alexa Wang

When it is time to buy a wheelchair for your loved one or yourself, more consideration goes into the purchase decision. Check wheelchairs for sale and choose the right one which suits your requirements and budget. When it comes to buying a wheelchair, you have to begin by consulting with your healthcare provider in order to identify the type of wheelchair that will satisfy all your needs. Well, choosing the right wheelchair will enhance your quality of life.

Manual Electric: Wheelchair

Of course, ease to use, comfort, and safety are major factors you have to keep in mind while buying a wheelchair. As you examine your choices, consider the types of environment you will use, whether in your home or public places. In addition, consider how many hours during a day they use the chair and think they need assistance to move. 

While choosing between a manual or electric wheelchair, the following guide helps you decide. Here are some factors in choosing the right and best one for you among two different options. 


Manual wheelchairs are less expensive when compared with electric wheelchairs and so much more likely covered by the insurance plan at all levels. However, the insurance plan covers an electric wheelchair in case your doctor somehow believes that utilizing a manual chair may negatively impact your health. While insurance does not matter, you have to choose your wheelchair with regards to your needs. If you use the chair whenever needed, you may use the manual chair, a cost-effective one. On the other hand, you need full-time; you have to buy an electric chair to increase your comfort and ease of use. From the experts’ wheelchairs for sale are affordable, and as per your need, you have to buy and easily move from one place to another. 

Ease of use

Regarding your circumstance, a manual wheelchair may give more difficulty in overall usage rather than the electric power chair. In case you are propelling the chair, a manual option is challenging for long-distance movement. Body strength and endurance are highly required while you handle your chair and turn large wheels for more time as you may navigate diverse ways and around obstacles. Electric wheelchairs feature motors, batteries, and diverse needed parts in order to make them self-propelled and drive with little effort. While compared with a manual chair, the electric wheelchair may easily go up and down. Thus, the user will maintain full directional and speed control.  


While comparing the comfort of transport, manual wheelchairs are the best choice. The manual wheelchairs are lightweight and typically fold as you need when it is not needed. An electric wheelchair needs a special place to place, which will be considered extra luggage while transported to one place. Also, some more new wheelchair models on the market may have more capability to fold for ease of transportation. Some people may use the electric chair at home and a manual for outside traveling with caretakers. 


Since electric wheelchairs are designed for long-term usage and especially feature more seat padding and support than manual wheelchairs. If the person has a chronic condition and prefers only a power wheelchair, its softness may give more comfort. Some electric wheelchairs feature all-terrain wheels for uneven surfaces that will reduce jarring movements. In addition, the electric wheelchair used in all even and uneven surface areas gives better usage to people. 


When it comes to buying a wheelchair, which one will you choose? There is no secret to deciding to purchase a wheelchair. Here are some common factors: as per the need and health condition, you have to choose the right one. 


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