Music of Defiance – Ukraine calls for musicians to stand up against Putin

words Alexa Wang

It’s hard for me sat in the UK to imagine what it’s like to be invaded by another country. The people of Ukraine right now could be bombed or fired at at any time of the day. So when this initiative popped into our Inbox I thought it was only right to share it. It’s a great idea. Using music to help fight back against a vicious invader who seems to place no value on human life.

“Music of Defiance” is the action of solidarity of the musicians of the world with Ukraine.

It is beginning on the 24th of February 2023, the day of a year of Russia’s military invasion to sovereign Ukraine. 

This was is called a hybrid war, because it is being waged simultaneously on many fronts – territorial, economic, informational, spiritual and cultural. But this war is also a struggle between worldviews and values.

The participants of the action will perform Ukrainian music in a format of an offline/online concert, a flashmob, a street performance, a music video or a performance.

Participants who would like to join would be able to fill a form and find the repertoire and the scores for performing Ukrainian music on the website .

The mission of the project is to show and reveal the character of Unbreakable Ukrainian People – the NATION through Ukrainian music and to convey the Values for which Ukrainians are fighting for.

Academic Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, National House of Music, National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine, Lviv National Opera have already joined the project.  

We would like to engage as many music collectives, especially orchestras, as possible. 

During a year now, Ukraine and Ukrainians have been fighting a fierce battle against the military aggression of the Putin regime. One of the key fronts is the information and cultural front, which is deployed both in Ukraine and in other countries of the world.


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