Leeds band Gentleman’s Dub Club – New Song Releases & Feature

Known for their jaw dropping, genre shreading live shows the nine piece Leeds band Gentleman’s Dub Club have released the first EP ‘Open Your Eyes’. Amongst these new song releases stand out track for me personally is ‘High Grade’. A real old ska infused nugget of a track – it’ll have your feet tearing towards the nearest dancefloor for a bop. It works great as a pop record with a gritty edge too. But the other tracks are all a cut above with ‘Tough At The Top’ featuring an immaculately delivered verse from world famous Grime MC, P Money. These boys certainly have a lot going for them and they could well take 2012 by the short and curlys. Get your ears around it here and feel your body begin to move…

If you want to know more about the new songs on the EP from this Leeds band click here


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