“DARE TO BE UNLIMITED”——DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL Collaboration Debut at 2024 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week

LONDON, Septemper 18th 2023 – DAPHNE.LAB, a new avant-garde sub-brand under the Chinese fashion giant DAPHNE, collaborated with the independent Chinese designer brand MARRKNULL to launch crossovers “DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL SugarCube Thigh-High Boots” and “DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL SugarFree Mules”, which debuted and created a buzz at 2024 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week.

DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL Collaboration Debut


Based on the spirit of “Dare To Be” that is highly valued by DAPHNE.LAB, this collaboration fully depicts the strong characters of “the very daring DAPHNE girls” and in the meantime, sets the stage for the visionary Chinese fashion designers to shine in a broader international context, all of which makes it no better elaboration of the key message behind this debut: Dare To Be Unlimited.

DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL “Dare To Be Unlimited” Collaboration

DAPHNE.LAB is a pioneer fashion brand that leads the trend among Gen Z with its avant-garde designs, while MARRKNULL is an independent Chinese designer label that made headlines by entering the semi-finalists of the 2023 edition of THE LVMH PRIZE with its contemporary take on fashion that comes from experimenting with traditional Chinese elements. Building on that, it is even more encouraging to see how well-blended the unique design traits of both players are demonstrated from this latest launch of “Dare To Be Unlimited” collaboration.

“DAPHNE.LAB x MARRKNULL SugarCube Thigh-High Boots” is the new deconstruction based on the third generation of DAPHNE.LAB SugarCube Thigh-High Boots. As the featured product of DAPHNE.LAB, the third generation of SugarCube thigh-high boots released earlier this year is already a fresh and bold interpretation of women’s footwear while integrating the classic aesthetics of the brand in a smart way.

DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL Collaboration Debut

DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL Sugar Cube Thigh-High Boots Limited Edition and Four-Leaves Edition

Further pushing the boundaries set by the third generation of SugarCube thigh-high boots, MARRKNULL takes inspiration from the post-modernism architecture and breaks the inherent aesthetic framework by offering a brand-new perspective. But of course, the concept of “spatial mismatch” found iconic across the portfolio of DAPHNE.LAB is also well incorporated in this crossover.

DAPHNE.LAB MARRKNULL Collaboration Debut

DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL SugarCube Thigh-High Boots

“We expanded the core value of ‘Dare To Be’ of DAPHNE.LAB and merged it with the contradictory aesthetics of MARRKNULL, by deconstructing the silhouette of the SugarCube thigh-high boots and applying ‘infinitely’ extending straps to express the concept of contradictory space. If you look closely, details such as the texture of the leather, the studs on the straps, and the unique finish on the square metal logo of DAPHNE, will bring everything to another level.” said Wang Wei, co-founder and designer of MARRKNULL.

“DAPHNE.LAB × MARRKNULL SugarCube thigh-high boots” visually extended the lines of the legs with an extra-long boot shaft and its bold hollow-out design. Quoted from those who had the chance to try on the new collection, these boots “go well with different leg shapes” and empower them with an attitude of “Dare To Be Unlimited” to break the social norms.

DAPHNE.LAB MARRKNULL Collaboration Debut

DAPHNE.LAB x MARRKNULL Sugar Cube Thigh-High Boots

DAPHNE.LAB, pioneering attitude of “Dare To Be”

DAPHNE.LAB was established in 2021. As a new pioneer fashion brand of DAPHNE Group, DAPHNE.LAB takes “DARE” as core value and provides high-quality and affordable pioneer designs for the new generation and their unconventional fashion attitude.


By innovatively integrating 3D printing technology, DAPHNE.LAB launched the high-end “SugarFree” series, followed by its “SugarCube”, “Lollipop” and “BubbleGum” series. These recent launches made DAPHNE.LAB a trend setter, especially the SugarCube thigh-high boots that have drawn unprecedented attention and brought the style of thigh-high boots back to the spotlight. The prevailing presence of SugarCube on a great many of pop idols, including Yoo Jimin, Jessi, and BY2, showed its unique stylish statement of girl power.


SugarCube thigh-high boots by DAPHNE.LAB (Image from the Internet)

During the “Double 11” shopping festival in 2022, the SugarCube thigh-high boots from DAPHNE.LAB was the best-selling thigh-high boots on Tmall.com, becoming the most frequently mentioned thigh-high boots keyword on various social platforms.

“Dare To Be” is the slogan of DAPHNE.LAB, which encourages girls to break the rules and not to be defined. To bring this message into action, DAPHNE.LAB continues to collaborate with designers and artists from different fields, such as the “BubbleGum” collaboration with emerging artist Yin Yi and the Lollipop slippers co-created with avant-garde artist Du Qiurui.


DAPHNE.LAB x Yin Yi BubbleGum Series


DAPHNE.LAB x Du Qiurui Lollipop Crossover

As a brand deeply rooted in China and now sailing out to the global markets, DAPHNE.LAB is committed to supporting independent designers in China, encouraging them to demonstrate themselves as well as the future of Chinese design on the international arena. To further amplify the influence and fulfill this mission, DAPHNE.LAB will continue to collaborate with designers and artists, exploring the infinite possibilities of avant-garde fashion, connecting with the young community and presenting Chinese brands with the attitude of “Dare To Be” to the world.


DAPHNE.LAB was born in 2021.

Inspired by “Girl Power”, DAPHNE.LAB is a pioneering fashion brand that provides cutting-edge fashion apparel and shoes for young generation to freely express and empower themselves. The brand slogan “DARE TO BE” encourages girls to break the rules and not to be defined.


MARRKNULL was Founded by Tim Shi and Mark Wang in 2016. Together, they hope to re-examine the very construction of clothes via different design angles, to explore the meaning of fashion with their own unique design language, and to become fashion innovators.

The brand integrates past and contemporary Chinese culture, and reflects on the normality of contemporary life to inspire a new generation. Marrknull blends a unique fashion attitude with anti-fashion. It removes the inherent functionality of clothing, thereby shaping a future style that combines a historical outlook with a contemporary approach.


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