10 Decorative Patterns to Choose When Buying a New Carpet

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Are you looking to purchase a carpet and are wondering how to go about it? You can buy the carpets at your desired stores and have them delivered by reputable providers such as Shift.

Getting a patterned rug not only adds life to your living space, but it also completes the style. If you are a pattern enthusiast, you can get a patterned carpet to calm the premises. Think of whether you want an eye-catching or subtle effect. Let’s take a look at some decorative patterns to choose from when buying a new carpet.

1. Damask

The Damask pattern is both timeless and elegant. It is a traditional pattern that brings in the formality and glam in a house. It is commonly paired well with stripes and subtle florals for the living room. During the selection, check the available shades and pick what you love most: a grey and white damask complement as a side chair rug.

Decorative carpet

2. Floral

The floral patterned carpet sets a romantic and feminine mood. As such, it is ideal for the bedroom area to enhance the romantic ambience. You can pair it with stripes, checks, polka dots, damask, and Ikat for a complete look. When carefully selected and blended, they give your home a luxurious look.

carpet patterns

3. Paisley

The Bohemian pattern makes your living space look formal. It has a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity hence adding the rustic effect to your home. You can use the swirled carpet patterns in your bedroom, living room, and contemporary spaces. It is a real classic sign of design.

4. Polka Dots

The fantastic carpet pattern creates a warm, cosy, and inviting illusion to the home. You can pair it well with Ikat and similar coloured stripes or florals. Due to its playful and lively fantasy, you can use it for your living room, study room, or bedroom. Choosing these carpets requires that one checks the house items or furniture to avoid distorting the style and elegance.

5. Chevron

Commonly known as the herringbone, the pattern gives a bold yet energetic feel to the room. The smaller chevron patterns give away a formal look. Due to its sophistication, you can use the patterned rugs in the bedroom, home corridors, and high-traffic areas. For a complete look, use the large scale herringbone patterns. They are versatile and can blend with all other patterns.

6. Ikat

The Bohemian and earthly patterned carpets can be used for side chairs and in the bedroom. They can pair well with stripes, floral, plaids, and chevron. The timeless traditional pattern comes in three different types; the warp ikat, weft ikat, and double Ikat. Carefully assess them and pick what you love most for your space.

7. Animal Prints

Animal print patterns give a wild and eclectic feeling. They are mostly used as statement pieces in the home or to accentuate your living space. These patterns blend well with other bold and graphic prints. Alternatively, you can choose more than one animal print to complete the look.

8. Plaid

The classic and conservative feel gives away a masculine and sporty impression. You can use it for your bedroom or living area. The patterns pair well with Ikat, florals, and plaids of other colours. Check out stores like BP Carpets and place your order.

9. Toile de Jouy

The elegant and timeliness patterns mostly include miniature drawings of people, plants, or flowers in white or off-white backgrounds. The art on the pattern ranges from simple ones such as flowers or complex ones like two friends on a picnic. The rug is, therefore, an art by itself.

10. Mix Patterns

What’s more exciting than mixing different patterns in your home? You can choose three or four patterns and incorporate them into your new home. You can create the impression that you desire.


Picking the right patterned carpets changes the look of your premises. During the selection, check the colours’ hue and intensity so that you do not mix pastel patterns and jewel-tone patterns. Depending on the room, you may have to select neutralism and a sophisticated overtone. Consult reputable carpet selling companies like Carpetright and get a quotation on their patterned rugs!


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