Dior’s Golden Jungle – Find Gold in amongst the Vines

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Christian Dior has a long history with all things jungle. Leopard skin print was pride of place in the very first collection back in 1947 when Monsieur Christian Dior presented for the first time to the international press.

Of course Fashion Editors all fell in love with the idea and have been smitten ever since. In that austere post war era women rediscovered sensuality and fun. Film Star Marlene Dietrich and the muse and friend of Monsieur Dior, Mitzah Bricard, were believers and were followed by their legions of admirers. Every decade since has seen Dior reinterpret and reinvent leopard skin for the catwalk and for the high street.



Another strong part of Dior’s history, gold is timeless and magical. Gold transforms the Dior women into a goddess and temptress.  It’s light does its thing for the figure and on the face.

“Wear gold to be adored,” wrote Charles Baudelaire.

For Autumn/Winter 2012 Dior have decided to melt these two themes into one to bring you the jungle motif tinged with the passion of pure gold. So the oh-so-chic jungle animal motif is enhanced by the magical power of the world’s most precious of metals. The Golden Jungle look is mystical and wild and just right for this winter’s urban jungle.

The Golden Jungle Palette is a great addition to your make-up case this winter. My personal favourite, its ornate case epitomises the concept of the modern jungle. Inside you’ll fine the precious trio of matte, pearly and iridescent eyeshadows, in a leopard motif, sculpt and enlighten the eyes. You can really have fun and experiment with this.

To give structure to your eyes there’s the 5 Couleurs Designer, which enables you to build up khaki textures and tones. There are four shimmer and matter textures alongside a deep brown liner to help define your look. 3 Coulers Glow eyeshadows helps give a sparkle and wet touch for a wilder cool look. Lips are catered for with Dior Addict to finish off our Golden Jungle look the lips are give a seductive shine in rosewood, copper brown, flamboyant red or deep burgundy.  To brig your nails in line with the look you need Dior Vernis which introduces an all new manicure which combines a gold base with Khaki topcoat. Layered together you can really bring out that jungle look.

More information at www.dior.com


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