Do You Really Need Antivirus?

Do You Really Need Antivirus? – words Alan Woods

Anyone who’s ever lost their keys, their wallet, purse or their mobile phone will know the mixed feeling of panic and immediate regret that washes over you like a tidal wave.

It’s not the most pleasant feeling anyone can ever experience, so why are so many people making the same mistake on their computers?


Viruses, Malware, Trojans etc are harmful to your computer’s running processes and they are, for the most part, looking to glean as much sensitive information from your hard disk as possible. Surely it’s in your best interests to keep these digital nasties as far away from your PC as possible? So why aren’t you!? But do you really need antivirus?

Naturally, it’s the modern generation of Millennials who are the most unsafe generation online, flouting the obvious need for antivirus software. The mere mention of staying safe online will see the average Millennial roll their eyes and declare the person who spoke a ‘know nothing’ or something more profane.

If you consider the websites a Millennial uses on an average day you’ll probably get to around 20 pages before you run out of fingers and toes to count on. So, with a ballpark figure of 15 webpages in mind; each and every one of those sites could have harmful malware just waiting to access your files and, here’s the best part, they let them every day!

We are firmly in the age of downloading, to the point DVD’s and the like will soon be redundant tech, and you can get just about anything for free if you know where to look. A quick Google search for ‘Download Albums Free’ takes me to several websites all offering my favourite music as torrent downloads, free of charge, no hassle, no fuss – or is there?

I clicked on one of these download links and immediately ad blocker started racking up the hits along with my anti-virus software insisting the download be cancelled as it contains a potentially harmful file – I’ll admit my music taste isn’t great but I wouldn’t call it harmful!

Joking aside – had my antivirus software not been active and scanning that download, goodness only knows what I could’ve allowed onto my hard drive without knowing. Hidden away in all that music was a particularly nasty Trojan virus that would’ve slowed my laptop down to a snail’s pace before rendering it useless over the course of a few days – not ideal. When prevention is crucial (business data, bank data, etc.) people will use next generation antivirus. This provides next level security when it really counts.

These music, film/TV and software downloads are predominantly aimed at one target audience – the Millennial – and the reason for this is those who spread the viruses know the current generation don’t make use of anti-virus software; they’re basically sitting ducks.

With so many harmful files online, it is now of paramount importance that you protect yourself before going online. Protection is available for next to nothing when you consider a healthy spend on software will save you from having to shell out for a new PC or heavy duty repairs. It’s not a case of being cool or not fitting in because your laptop carries out a virus scan every now and then; it’s for getting malware off your system and preventing it from getting access in the first place

Don’t be lured into the trap of free anti-virus software – it’s usually a virus within itself that can only be removed by purchasing the expensive upgrade the program offers you when it ‘discovers’ the malware – spend a little to save a lot in the future. A little knowledge goes a long way for your average Millennial; save an argument and put the software on their systems! If you’re looking for the best anti-virus software, check out

Do You Really Need Antivirus? – words Alan Woods


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