Essential roles and responsibilities of eCommerce developers

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Companies must hire the right team of eCommerce developers to build an application that caters specifically to their eCommerce or retail business while considering each precise, relevant detail. Developers should build a solution with easy navigation, offering the best customer experience, and including core brand values that set a business apart from the crowd.

For companies who have just started to build their eCommerce team, it can be a daunting task. It is important to know where and how to start. So, before you begin the recruitment process, first explore the different roles and responsibilities that make a successful eCommerce team.

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Roles and responsibilities of eCommerce developers

A successful eCommerce application is backed by the team behind it. That’s why you should assess eCommerce developers’ skills before onboarding them to the team. Ensure that they have the capabilities, creativity, and specialization required for the role.

  1. Director of eCommerce –

This role is also called VP of eCommerce or head of eCommerce. They are the people who have a strategic vision to execute ambitious eCommerce goals for the company. This position requires an experienced, forward-thinking, and analytical leader who utilizes their extensive knowledge of eCommerce technologies to drive the overall function and progress of all eCommerce channels.

Responsibilities of Director of eCommerce:

  • Lead the strategy, planning, development, and implementation of eCommerce solutions.
  • Overseeing marketing aspects to ensure online sales goals and budget targets are met.
  • Keeping track of performance analytics, website traffic, and product performance.
  • Exhibit success with customer acquisition and retention.
  1. Project manager –

The project manager is responsible for keeping processes running smoothly. They communicate the company’s requirements to the team, divide them into project tasks, and lead the team to deliver the project in time. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the eCommerce field lead them in achieving the intended results that improve the company’s e-commerce market share.

Responsibilities of a project manager:

  • Translating technical and business requirements into project tasks.
  • Participation in the development and delivery of the project.
  • Working with third parties and other stakeholders to ensure a successful project launch.
  • Maintaining all tasks, timetables, budgets, and deliverables.
  • Delivering high-quality and reliable applications.
  1. eCommerce business analyst –

eCommerce business analysts are responsible for researching market trends, consumer behavior and analyzing the cost-benefit to increase the efficiency of online sales. They provide data-driven reports by analyzing brand objective key results (OKRs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and the company’s competitors. These reports help the eCommerce managers make well-informed business decisions.

Responsibilities of an eCommerce business analyst:

  • Defining, maintaining, and tracking the company’s eCommerce goals and KPIs.
  • Identifying areas of improvement for better results.
  • Monitoring eCommerce performance and metrics.
  • Analyzing market trends and performing competitor research.
  1. eCommerce developers –

eCommerce developers take care of the tech side of an eCommerce team. They implement the eCommerce software and ensure smooth day-to-day operations. They look after the strengths and weaknesses in the system and develop contingency plans if any vulnerabilities are found. It is their responsibility to develop an enterprise-class technology with better security, flexibility, and experience.

Responsibilities of an eCommerce developer:

  • Building and testing eCommerce applications.
  • Collaborating with other team members to achieve company goals.
  • Maintaining and updating the application.
  • Fixing bugs or errors found in the application.
  1. Quality assurance engineers –

The quality assurance engineer analyzes the eCommerce applications for any bugs or issues hampering the company’s growth. They ensure that the application developed by eCommerce developers is meeting the company’s demand and expectations.

Responsibilities of a QA engineer:

  • Working closely with developers to identify and troubleshoot bugs.
  • Performing various test cases to ensure that the application is bug-free.
  • Identifying, documenting, and tracking defects.
  • Providing QA support for new updates and releases.

Now that you know various important roles that should be a part of your team, you must ensure that different positions and eCommerce developer job descriptions specify their responsibilities in detail.

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Factors to consider before hiring eCommerce developers

Before you start hiring eCommerce developers, you need to be mindful of the following factors –

  • Make sure you know the budget – It is critical that you hire eCommerce programmers under your budget. You cannot risk going broke just to develop the best application for your company. This is why before onboarding any eCommerce developers, make sure that they meet both your budget and requirements.
  • Technical experience – Before hiring any eCommerce developers, you should assess their technical skills and expertise. Check if they know about the latest tools and technology available in the market and what programming languages they are fluent in. You can also ask for suggestions for your eCommerce project; this will give you an idea about their experience in the field.
  • Communication – A proper communication route is a must for the successful development of eCommerce applications. Consequently, you should ensure that applicants have good communication skills, especially in the case if you are planning to hire remote eCommerce developers.
  • SEO aspect – SEO is essential for any company to get recognized and mark a presence online. You should make sure that eCommerce developers know how to incorporate SEO techniques in order to help rank the site higher on the search engine. For Florida company owners, looking up Sarasota SEO on your browser might be a good place to start. Don’t forget to find out whether the developers are familiar with advanced SEO practices.

Why is eCommerce important for your company?

Ecommerce has become a vital component of every business strategy in recent years. It is the best way to get attention from around the globe. This is why it is crucial for you to understand why it is important and how eCommerce developers will help you achieve that goal –

  • Convenience – The speedy influx of new technologies has driven customers to expect a seamless experience with online shops. Ecommerce helps customers to shop, buy and sell products from the comfort of their homes. Hence, it is important that eCommerce developers build an application that offers a convenient and seamless experience to its users.
  • 24*7 service – Its round-the-clock services eliminate the need to visit physical stores if customers require something at night. Ecommerce is one of the most convenient options for people with hectic work schedules.
  • Cost-effective – eCommerce presents you with the option to show all your inventory through electronic commerce. Not having physical stores eliminates the extra expenses like rent, electricity, etc.
  • Helps businesses go global – eCommerce brings in a wide range of customers as it allows you to put your products for sale anywhere in the world. Extensive outreach is crucial to your business development.

This is why you need highly skilled and experienced eCommerce developers who can help you improve efficiency by streamlining the production and service delivery process.


Before you start building an eCommerce team, consider why eCommerce is important for your business needs and requirements. Secondly, start looking for various roles you will need to build a successful team. You should make sure to explain eCommerce developer responsibilities in the job description. Thirdly, assess the applicant to ensure that they have the right skills to meet the company’s expectations.

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