The 3 Dog Illnesses That Require A Specific Dog Food

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Dog Illnesses Dog Food

If you’re a dog owner then you surely are always trying your best to look after your dog’s health. This involves doing things like looking after their diet and bringing them to the vet for checkups. However, some dogs have health problems that can complicate things quite a bit.

When your dog has an illness or pathological condition, you often need to feed them the right kind of dog food. There are foods specifically formulated for some common dog ailments. Giving them this food can help them with their problem. In some cases they may even overcome it. In this article, we will go over some of the common ailments a dog could have along with the food they should eat.

1 – Kidney disease

Kidney disease in dogs occurs when a dog’s kidneys are not functioning properly. This can lead to a buildup of toxins in the bloodstream, which is dangerous for the dog’s health. When your dog is diagnosed with kidney disease, one of the most important steps you can take is to adjust the dog’s diet.

The best dog food for kidney disease is one that typically has lower levels of protein. While protein is an essential part of any dog’s diet, in the case of kidney disease, too much protein can create excess nitrogen. Nitrogen is difficult for the kidneys to filter which puts an added strain on them. The dog food should still have protein but make sure it isn’t heavy on it.

Foods designed for kidney health often have reduced phosphorus content. High phosphorus can be harmful to dogs with kidney disease, as it can further damage the kidneys.

2 – Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs is almost as common as it is in humans. It happens when a dog’s body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or can’t use insulin effectively. Insulin is important for controlling blood sugar levels. When it’s not managed correctly, blood sugar levels can rise dangerously high.

The best dog food for diabetic dogs helps maintain consistent blood sugar levels. Look for dog foods that have a low glycemic index, meaning they release glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream.

Foods high in fiber are often recommended for diabetic dogs. Fiber slows the absorption of glucose into the blood, helping to prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar.

3 – Heart disease

Unless it’s caused by genetics, heart disease in dogs is largely caused by a poor diet and not enough exercise. Diet is one of the most important factors in a dog’s health so it’s important to avoid heart disease by giving them the right food. If your dog has already been diagnosed with heart disease then switching their diet to a food formulated for the disease will help.

The thing to look for is foods low in sodium since too much will put a strain on the heart. In addition to low sodium, dog foods with taurine and L-carnitine will help. These are amino acids that are beneficial for heart muscle function and are included in many heart-specific dog foods.



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