What to eat when you’re on the road with your motorcycle

What to eat when you’re on the road with your motorcycle 

Are you planning your next two-wheel adventure across the country? Before you get on the saddle and ride into the sunset with your rain gear on, make sure you have everything packed, and that includes some healthy and nutritious snacks that will keep your stomach full and save you money in the long run. 

Meat and fish cans

Meat cans will become your best friends if you plan a motorcycle trip on a budget. You can replace at least one of your daily meals with a good source of proteins on the go and save money and time until reaching your destination.

Depending on the length of your trip, we suggest packing at least a dozen cans with your favorite meat products and fish. Fish is not only a good source of proteins but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that will keep your eyes and bones strong and your mind focused on the road. The best fish to bring along are salmon, tuna, and sardines. 

Meat cans come in endless varieties and tastes but we suggest sticking to steaks or files, without marinades or sauces that might alter after a couple of days. Pork sausages are always a good choice, along with turkey and chicken breast. 

For a healthy meal on the go, we suggest packing some crackers in an empty Pringles box or any other metallic box to prevent them from crumbling and combine them with your choice of meat. This tasty meal won’t take more than a minute to prepare and will keep you full for several hours. 

Real veggies

Rich in natural fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, veggies are the perfect snack on the go. Celery and carrots are the most common vegetable snacks for those with a busy lifestyle but you can take anything on the road, as long as it won’t alter after a couple of miles. Bell peppers and cucumber slices are also delicious and easy to store. 


When going on a motorcycle journey it’s good to pack foods and dishes that will survive the heavy road, and the high temperatures while still providing all the elements your body needs to get through the day. 

Hummus is a superfood that is packed in proteins and will help you stay satiated for hours in a row. It is easy to prepare and it comes in all combinations of tastes and blends to meet your unique dietary requirements. 

You can use it for a dip or spread it on crunchy raw vegetables for a healthy and delicious snack whenever you’re in a hurry. It doesn’t need refrigeration either and will be good for a couple of days as long as it is stored in a cool and dry place. 

Fruits and nuts 

Alone or in delicious mixes, fruits and nuts provide almost all necessary nutrients for your body to stay healthy and your brain to focus on the road. Fruits are packed with vitamins while nuts represent an important source of proteins.

Nuts can be eaten raw, roasted or salted and almost all of them can become great companions for your motorbike road trip. However, not all fruits will stay fresh inside your backpack, so you need to choose those that won’t get mushy or bruised after just a couple of hours. 

Pears, apricots, oranges, and apples can last minor beatings and high temperatures in your luggage but we can’t say the same for berries, bananas, peaches or grapes. However, you may still have a chance with dried fruits like banana chips, figs, and coconut chunks. Just make sure to eat them in moderation as most of them are rich in carbs and sugars. 


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