Best fall trends in menswear

Best fall trends in menswear – words Alexa Wang

When it comes to menswear, the fashion industry has been ready to experiment and bring out some pretty innovative designs. Every year, fashion provokes men to become more daring, more trendy and up to date with the world of style. The upcoming fall trends don’t just embrace the transformation, but have also combined it with an elegance and practicality that makes it more than just a fashion trend.

fall trends

Here are the fall trends to look out for in 2019:


While monochrome is not new to the fashion industry, it holds its place high in the coming season. There’s just something so clean, eye-friendly and attractive about a man wearing the same coloured outfit –bonus points if it’s a monochrome suit, especially in camel! According to Canoe club, menswear isn’t just about fashion, but about how they’re worn and where they come from, making it easy for any man to pull off a look depending on the story of the garments they’re wearing. A man can simply create his own version of any style by making the garments itself speak. Layering is also a hit, but can be quite daring when combined with the tone on tone trend, making whoever gets it right a superstar.

Denim suits

Remember when the fashion police were called in if anyone dared to wear denim on denim? That’s a thing of the past. Now, denim suits are not just in, but have become one of the most popular trends due to the easiness, comfort and overall casual, but trendy look it provides.

fall trends

Romantic elegance

Daring men to showcase their emotions and embrace the fragile and soft, smooth design of the romantic elegance, fabrics such as silk and lace have surfaced the industry. The overall look combines the softness of the fabrics with a feminine high waist design to create an elegance that only a man with a high sense of self-confidence will dare to pull off. This makes it not only trendy, but ever-so sexy.


The reign of the overcoat overtakes the street style puffer jackets this year with many shapes, styles and various lengths. Whether you’re trying to pull off the monochrome look or use an exaggerated overcoat as a statement piece, this fall overcoats will have it all.

Suit yourself

Tailored suits are back and mixing between different suit styles, fabrics and lengths will allow you to suit yourself just the way you like it.

XXL scarves

Having an enormous scarf wrapped around your neck isn’t always just for warmth. This fall especially, the streets will be filled with gigantic scarves in all colours, materials and styles being the accessory that will definitely dominate the fashion scene. The Harry Potter scarf look will enable a casual, warm and cozy addition to any style you’re going for.

Material mixes

Material mixes have been quite common, but this season they’re back with a twist. It’s not just about mixing materials in different garments, but in the same piece. You’ll find a blazer in half velvet and half satin, or split between leather and denim merging between formal and casual wear. The boldness of this trend is bound to be a lot more than just eye-catching.

Triple threat velvet

Velvet is back again in full force making full velvet suits a look to die for. From velvet tuxedos, to velvet suits and even bomber jackets with wide legged velvet pants, it is obvious that there’s nowhere this elegant material will not be found.

Be confident

When it comes to menswear, it’s all about what speaks to you and what you feel comfortable pulling off. The confidence a man wears highlights any fashion trends and makes it look super attractive. So remember to wear your confidence and your smile and embrace the look you’re going for with an open heart.

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