Both& reimagines classic Calvin Klein 1990s campaign using trans models

words Al Woods

This shoot and campaign is fascinating and inspiring on so many levels. It’s a recreation of the classic Cavin Klein adverts from the 1990’s that featured Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. This time though the models used are all transgender men. It’s been shot for the transmasc fashion brand Both& and is timed to coincide with the Trans Day of Visibility on March 30th.

Both& was founded in 2020 by Finnegan Shepard. A transman himself he realised from personal experience that many people in the trans community could not find clothing that fit them properly. Both& developed a range of high quality clothes that fit the profile of trans bodies. It sees itself as both a transmasculine and non-binary fashion brand but all types are welcome. It portrays the masculine image and style but fits in all the right places. It’s an empowering moment for many trans people.

Both& trans model shoot 1990s
Both& Calvin Klein images
Both& trans model shoot
Both& trans culture

Acting Executive Creative Director was global trans icon Daniel Sea, who continues to make waves as Max Sweeney in Showtime’s hit queer drama ‘The L Word’. A character who represented and resonated with trans men as well as wider gender non-conforming communities.

The shoot stars semi pro and amateur transmasc models Arthur Macnair, Ethan DeNadai and Tai Hattingh – who is deaf and wears hearing aids in the imagery.

“I am so proud to have been involved in this campaign,” commented Daniel Sea, “which will help the transmasculine, nonbinary and gender non-conforming communities to feel seen, safe and sexy on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Behind the camera was acclaimed London photographer Lydia Garnett, whose work centres on exploring new queer narratives. Lydia and her predominantly queer crew have worked with the likes of Nike, adidas, Stonewall, England’s Lionesses and have created the culture defining art exhibition ‘Close Shave’.

“This campaign signals our entry onto the global stage as the transmasc brand,” said Finnegan Shephard, Founder of Both&, he continued; “it perfectly encapsulates our core ideals: to move beyond an era of pride, which so often presupposes there is something to be ashamed about, into the era we live in now, where gender non-conforming people all over the world are ready to be truly seen for the gorgeous, creative, and ever so cool trend setters we are.”

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