Epilating Is A Good Option For Hair Removal – Here’s Why

words Alexa Wang

There are various hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking, threading, or using hot wax as well as depilatory creams. You can also opt to visit a cosmetic clinic to pursue a laser hair removal process.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for something different, but effective in terms of removing unwanted hair in certain body parts such as your underarms or legs, then epilating may be the answer for you. Below are some of the reasons why this is a good option.

Epilating option

Smoother Skin

One of the primary reasons why epilating is a good option for hair removal is because you tend to have smoother skin afterward, compared to other hair removal methods such as shaving or plucking. This is particularly true if you opt for one of the best EPILATORS with skin exfoliating and massage accessories. The best part is epilation is also perfect for those with sensitive skin because the skin is not pulled directly as the hair is pulled out. As a result, there is a minimal effect on the skin throughout the hair removal process. Epilation is particularly ideal during the cold or dry seasons because, during this time, your skin tends to also be dry and prone to irritation especially when you take your body hairs out.

Longer Results

While it is true that this hair removal process may vary from one person to another, it is often the case that people who use an epilator expect a smoother and hair-free skin for up to a month. The reason behind this is that through epilation, the hair is removed from the roots, entailing its need for a longer time to grow compared to surface removal methods such as shaving. Not only this but when your hair does grow back, its strands are softer and finer than before, making it less noticeable and giving the impression of less body hair. As you regularly continue with epilation, there may be less hair to be removed on your succeeding sessions, depending on the growth cycle that your hair is in.

Removal of Shorter Hair

Epilation is a great hair removal method if you intend to take out short body hairs that waxing sometimes fails to fulfill. The reason behind this is that waxing may sometimes press your body hairs flat on your skin. This makes your body hair harder to lift and eventually remove. Thus, it can be deemed that it is not only effective for your legs but in other parts of your body too.

Epilating tips

To wrap things up, consider epilating when you want to remove unwanted hair not only on your legs but on the other parts of your body too. You are most likely to have smoother skin and it may take a while before your hair grows back again. Even if the hair you intend to remove is still quite short, an epilator may still be able to remove it. Go ahead and venture out into this hair removal method and you may just be surprised at how efficient and effective it is.


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