10 essential clothing items every man should own

10 essential clothing items every man should own – words Alexa Wang

If you’re of the belief that men are easier to dress than women, you would be far from correct. Men can get by with sneakers, jeans and a neat Polo shirt for quite a few years but eventually the time comes when a man finds he needs a wardrobe for every occasion.

In this article we list 10 essential clothing items every man should have in his closet. This includes accessories, jackets, shoes, shirts, suits; items that can cover everything from a casual hanging out session with friends to business meetings, weddings, or anything else you care to throw in between.


  1. A White Button-Down Shirt

A simple yet versatile crisp button-down white shirt that will stand out on its own when paired with black slacks or blue jeans. It can also be worn underneath a suit. If you’re into minimalism, this is definitely a must-have.

  1. A White T-shirt

You can never go too wrong with a plain white t-shirt. It can be worn on its own or with a jacket for a casual day out. It should fit your body comfortably — not too loose, not too tight. You can also choose to match it with other neutral colors, like black and grey, as they function in the same fashion.

  1. Classic Sunglasses

You simply can’t lose with the right pair of classic sunglasses, like Wayfarers or Aviators. They can be worn with jeans, a suit, even preppy shorts, and are suitable for both casual and formal events.

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement either, they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause eye problems for you a little down the road. The important thing is to find a pair that properly fit your face, as that can make the difference between a great look and a disheveled one.

  1. A Grey Two-Piece Suit

For business meetings and countless other occasions, a man always needs at least one suit in his closet. A grey suit is great for day events as they’re typically understated.

  1. A Dark Two-Piece Suit

For business meetings and special occasions like weddings, job interviews, court appearances etc.

You need to have at least two dark suits, either in navy or black. The dark suit is perfect for evening occasions. You could also go for a textured fabric, like birdseye, which enables you to wear the jacket and trousers separately and mix with other elements of your wardrobe, offering you versatility and flexibility.

  1. Classic Brown Leather Shoes

These can be perfectly paired with navy, grey, or even beige suits, plus you can also wear them with dark-colored jeans. This is definitely a must-have because it’s the last item to complete your entire wardrobe.

While it’s been argued over the years that brown shoes are a huge fashion no-no, it now appears that’s no longer the case so have your go at matching these items together and see how you feel about it.

  1. A Wristwatch

A classic, elegant timepiece that goes perfectly with any outfit, be it formal or casual. Try one that has a brown or dark leather band. More than just fashion, the right wristwatch is a symbol of prestige.

A man who wears a wristwatch looks professional. In social situations, it means a person has a strong sense of time. Most men now rely on their smartphones for the time, but wearing a wristwatch leaves a strong impression and dramatically improves one’s style.

  1. Blue or Dark Jeans

Blue or dark jeans match with everything. They’re perfect for everyday casual wear, or when paired with a suit or a jacket as semi-formal wardrobe. They can be worn on a date or clubbing either dressed up or dressed down. Plus, they look great for nighttime occasions. A guy can look hip and informal even if he wears them with a suit jacket.

  1. Dark Socks

Can either be black, grey or navy. This is the colour to wear underneath a black or brown leather shoes. Don’t wear white socks unless you’re going to the gym or playing golf. There are many reasons why guys shouldn’t wear white socks anywhere but the gym. They don’t match anything, they make you will look like a schoolboy, and they get dirty really quickly.

  1. Jacket

This can be a bomber jacket worn all-year-round or something to wear in the rain like a trench coat. Every adult male needs to have different types of jackets in his closet.

A bomber jacket can be worn on top of a basic white or other colored t-shirt year round. You should have both a rain jacket and a spring jacket. Having different kinds of jackets in your wardrobe will keep you covered for every season.






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