Essential Furniture To Make Your Home Cosier and More Attractive

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Furniture is considered a home essential for reasons more than one. It not only serves a functional purpose but also forms a key deciding factor of how your home looks and feels.

The right pieces can easily turn your home into a warm and welcoming space that exudes a sense of ease. For example, something as simple as adding a lounger in your patio or placing a footstool in front of a chair can take the comfort factor of your space from zero to 10 real quick.

Now, while you’re spending a lot of time indoors, is a great time to give your home’s aesthetics a boost and make it as comfy as you want.

Here are 5 ways to use furniture as a medium to add cosiness to your home.

Essential Furniture

1. Place an armchair in the living room

The comfort of an armchair is hard to match. From giving your back the ultimate support to the wide range of adjustment options, armchairs let your body rest like nothing else. A piece with a super-soft padding like this one can let you sink into the most relaxed position and ease your aches. Place one by the fire and you have a perfect seat where you can curl up with a book and spend hours relaxing without any discomfort.      

2. Give your dining space a farmhouse table

Nothing screams ‘rustic charm’ like a farmhouse table. While contemporary designs stand out, a simple farmhouse can blend seamlessly into any décor, creating a perfect space for those memorable family dinners and leisurely lunches. The signature raw, unfinished look, and the warm woody texture of these tables contribute to the cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Essential Furniture

3. Opt for open shelves

Open shelving has become a sort of a mega-trend these days and features in nearly every décor magazine or website in existence. The good thing, however, is that unlike many décor elements that are hard to incorporate in your own home, a row of open shelves is fairly easy to work with. Plus, they are incredibly versatile too. You can add them to your kitchen to display your vintage china; fill them up with books, memorabilia, and decorative objects to make your lounging area more personal and homely; stock them up with pretty toiletries, scented candles and feather-soft towels to create a spa-like bathroom.   

4. Keep an ottoman or pouf

You can never go wrong with an ottoman, also known as poufs, if you’re looking to create an ambience of pronounced comfort in your living room. Added to your comfy armchair, this friendly piece of furniture lets you to rest your tired feet while you catch up on your favourite movie or TV show. Or, they can also serve as an extra seat. A simple, clean design like this one pairs wonderfully with a minimalist décor.

5. Add a classic bedhead

Bedheads come in all shapes and sizes, but choosing something subtle and subdued, over an intricate or in-your-face design, can allow you to make your bedroom look like a cosy haven where you are guaranteed a peaceful sleep. For instance, this muted beauty is all about simplicity and comfort. The soft fabric adds to the dreaminess of the bedroom and doesn’t clash with other design elements.

Now that you have these ideas, go ahead and give them a try. You can find these furniture at Papaya, one of Australia’s trusted online stores that inspire simply beautiful living. 


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