Five Non-Essential Items Worth Bringing on Your Next Trip

words Al Woods

Packing for a trip isn’t necessarily easy. It takes a lot of practice to strike the right balance. When you’re about to leave, you might be unsure what to bring, how much of something to bring, and what to leave at home. Depending on your luggage and what you are doing on your trip, there are a few non-essential items that are worth bringing with you on any trip. Below are five of them.

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A Journal

One of the best parts about travel is the inspiration it provides. When you are on the road, in the middle of a beautiful landscape, or experiencing a foreign culture that surprises you around every turn, a journal notebook to write down your thoughts will enable you to express yourself and describe what you are experiencing. Later, when you are at home you could write about what you did, but it won’t be as visceral or as true to the moment. You can also write down reminders, make sketches, and write poems. Whatever inspiration strikes you can be recorded. Plus, bringing a journal or notebook with you doesn’t take up that much space.


Another non-essential item to bring with you on your next trip is a pair of headphones. Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobook and tune out the world when you need to the most. Wireless headphones give you some mobility when you are working out or hiking. Sound canceling headphones are also great when you’re gone on a trip because you can get rid of the noise on a loud bus or the buzz of an airplane. They can even help you sleep. For example, if you turn on the noise canceling feature of sleep headphones, you may not hear anything at all. A small pair of headphones that don’t take up too much space will make quite the difference when you are on the road.

One Book

Book lovers tend to bring more than books with them on a trip. Depending on the length of the trip, you should bring one book that will satisfy your reading needs. Bring a dense non-fiction book about the place you are going or pack a small book of poetry that you can read repeatedly. You might be tempted to bring both, but you will likely regret it—especially if you are carrying everything on your back. With a single book, you will get what you need from it without packing too much. Just make sure it is the right book for the right occasion.

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow may not be completely essential, and they don’t typically fit well in luggage, but if you are going to be in situations where you need to sleep on a plane, train, bus, or car, a neck pillow will be greatly appreciated. You will be happy you brought even a small neck pillow when you are trying to sleep. One tip is to hook it up to your bag, so it dangles off. Make sure not to get it dirty. Bringing a small neck pillow with you could be the difference between well-rested and exhausted.

Power Bank

A power bank may not be essential but to many travelers it is the most important thing to bring. When you are going to a foreign country or going out into the wilderness, you will be glad you have a power bank to keep your devices charged. It could prevent a bad situation where you must ask someone for help. When you don’t have any power or the plugs to charge your devices, you will be very glad that you have a power bank.

These items may not be the most essential part of your packing list, but they will greatly improve your experience—wherever you go. Next time you are packing for a trip, bring a few small items that won’t take up too much space but will provide you enjoyment, relaxation, and function. Whether you are headed to a new country, out to the mountains, or to the beach to relax, these items will come in handy in the right situation. Don’t overlook the non-essentials. Packing light is instrumental, but so is having the right items!


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