Exhibition stand design for fashion trade shows

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Monotonous exhibition stand design for fashion trade shows don’t attract visitors and certainly not sales. Unless you work with something such as what ExpoCart has, attending a trade show with a boring exhibition stand design will not only be a waste of time but also lose ROI. 

Attending a trade show essentially means competing for attention amongst the many businesses in attendance. You, therefore, have to plan and know how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

For instance, a start-up business shouldn’t use their brand name to attract visitors. If you’re attending a trade show whether a more prominent and known brand will be attending, it will be challenging to turn visitors from visiting those exhibition stands to your unknown brand name. Look at it this way; attendee isn’t supposed to guess what you’re offering by looking at your brand name. Instead, they should understand the line of fashion you’ve ventured into by looking at your pop-up stand.

Nonetheless, this does not mean you shouldn’t use the platform for advertising your brand. That’s where the planning for the fashion trade show comes in.

Tips to Consider as You Prepare for Your Next Exhibition

  • Leave Empty Space on Your Booth

Although you’d love to rely as much on information about what you offer, too much of it could be overwhelming for the receiver. Ideally, you should leave 40% space on your stand. When you provide 60% information, people would love to know the remaining 40% and therefore reach your website or booth to find out more. You, therefore, have to consider what to put up on the booth that will undoubtedly attract visitors.

  • Use Three Colours

Using more than three colours on a booth leaves it looking busy. However, three colours look neat, and attendees capture your information under seconds. Remember, your booth stands amongst many and visitors are looking to visit as many fashion booths as possible. If your booth looks busy, attendee moves to the next one.

  • Choose the Main Agenda

Why are you attending the trade show? Unquestionably, all business attends a show to showcase what they offer. But, if all companies are offering fashion or clothing-line products, each has to look unique to stand out. You, therefore, have to choose something attendee will remember after leaving.

  • Pop-Up Display

The advantage of working with a pop-up display is the fact that you don’t have to break a bank. Pop-ups come in different shapes, sizes, and material and foldable frame. With these features, your booth looks simple yet displays all the right information under minimum time. Moreover, pop-ups are lightweight, portable and robust.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Ideal Exhibition Stand Design for Fashion Trade Shows

Using the best exhibition stands could attract leads. However, every business is working on getting the best booth, and thus you have to find creative trade show booth ideas to stand out from the rest of the companies. The truth is, the type of stand you use determines the level of success. You, therefore, have to ensure that it looks attractive to capture the attention of attendees and thus leads and prospects. Here are factors to consider when choosing the right exhibition stand for a fashion trade show.

  • Durability and Reusability

In the line of fashion, product trends after another. You, therefore, to keep up with what’s trending. In that context, attending a trade show may require you to use a different design from what you previously did. Do you have to buy exhibition stand every time you have to attend a show?

Well, the answer is determined by the durability and reusability of the exhibition stand. Ensure to pick durable material and a stand you can use in multiple trade shows.

  • Size

The size of the exhibition stand is something you should think about, carefully indeed. First, it should comply with the rules of the trade show organiser. Secondly, it should be enough to display all that you need and leave 40% free space. Consider a stand that people can’t ignore and that elevate them towards you.

  • Print Quality

Have you come across a blurred print?  You have to ensure the printing quality of the exhibition stand is exemplary to attract and send a message from the first glance. This will assure you of leads as it sends the message of what you offer.

  • Assembling

How long should it take you to assemble a stand? A stand comes packed to facilitate easy transportation. However, it shouldn’t be complicated to assemble that stand. Therefore, ensure the stand comes with a manual or the vendor is available to guide you through setting up the stand.

Take Away

There is a wide range of fashion trade show booth ideas you can implement. However, consider the type of product you want to display and plan on the best way to showcase it. Alternatively, work with exhibition stand vendors to make an informed decision.


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