Are you a sweet tooth? Explore the delicious world of Matilde Vicenzi

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If you love pastries and Italian cuisine, you surely cannot be unaware of the great Matilde  Vicenzi. Back in the early 1900s, this astonishing Italian business woman opened her first shop serving amaretti, pasticcini and savoiardi, some of Italy’s most typical sweet specialities.

The little world she created soon became a benchmark for all citizens, not only because of the delicious recipes, but also because of the charisma of the owner Matilde. After her death, what has remained to us is her precious recipe book, which contained all her most important secrets for creating sweet treats. In particular, Ms Vicenzi revealed here some of the special features of her famous puff pastry. Today, that little notebook has turned Matilde Vicenzi into an empire, and it is no longer a small shop as it used to be. Its products are distributed throughout Italy and in over 110 countries worldwide, and are used by all true lovers of desserts and sweets.

Matilde Vicenzi pastries


If you ask any Italian what the best ladyfingers are, he or she will surely give you only one answer: Vicenzovo. They are by far the best known in the world and also the most widely consumed. The dough they are made with and the tradition behind this particular sweet make it truly unique compared to other brands. Savoiardi biscuits are the most popular of the brand’s products, and there’s a reason for that! In particular, they are used to make the famous tiramisu. As it is a simple dessert, requiring a short preparation time and few products, what makes the difference in the recipe is the quality of the ingredients. That’s why Vicenzovo Savoiardi are in every confectioner’s secret recipe even after so many years, because nobody dares buying a lower quality ladyfingers brand. 


Although tradition is the foundation of every Matilde Vicenzi product, it must be recognised that a company needs to be innovative in order to expand its customer base. For this reason, the Vicenzi group has for some years now also included in its catalogue a line of products dedicated to celiacs. All the desserts that are part of this section contain absolutely no gluten. In fact, on the official website you will see that lactose-free desserts are also available. These two lines in particular have been created to meet the needs of customers more and more, especially those who normally cannot taste sweets because of their composition. Unlike other brands, Matilde Vicenzi works hard every day to be more inclusive and create new desserts that can be enjoyed by everyone maintaining the same goodness and taste of the non-free versions from


In spite of popular belief, tea is not only an English speciality. In fact, there is also a long Italian tradition of snacks and pastries, which can only be enjoyed with a good tea. For this reason, among Matilde Vicenzi’s products, you can also find “minivoglie”, which are some small pastries made of custard, chocolate cream,butter, cinnamon, cherry and cocoa vanilla that can be perfectly served to your guests or to your friends during your snack times.

Feeling a bit peckish already? Check out all the products on the website:


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