What are Londoner’s Favourite Views in the World?

What are Londoner’s Favourite Views in the World? – words Alan Woods

It’s no secret that a great view can really make a difference to the cost of your home. But, if you’re a homeowner and you’re wanting a better view from your property, you’ll have to pay a premium (plus all the fees associated with moving). Thankfully, there’s nothing to stop you from dreaming of enjoying a home with the perfect view.

As 247blinds discovered, many Londoners would love to look out onto a view pretty different from something inside the M25. A quarter of the people they surveyed said they’d be willing to spend an extra £10k to ensure they got a pretty view, while some would up that to £20k. Furthermore, out of the people surveyed, it was women, and those aged 45 and over, that felt that a fantastic view was important.

So what exactly constitutes a great view and what are our favourite views in the world?


Niagara Falls topped the poll, with one in seven Londoners naming it as the view they’d most like to see from their home. Straddling the Canadian/American border and measuring 51m high, it’s little wonder that this mesmerizing view appeals most to 14% of landlocked Londoners – the Thames could never really compete.


Land’s End came in second place with 10% of the votes. This Cornwall beauty spot boasts plenty of drama – sea, craggy cliffs, and green fields on the headland, what more could you want?


Central Park received 9% of the votes. This huge 843 acre park is Manhattan’s main beauty spot and one of the most filmed locations on the planet, so it’s hardly surprising that it comes in close to the top of must-have views for Londoners.

But it’s not all far and distant locations that Londoners lust over, in at number four are the White Cliffs of Dover. Made famous by the Vera Lynn song in 1942, these soaring white cliffs are an iconic British landmark.

A short hop over the channel to France and you’ll find the last of Londoners’ most desired views – the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s one for all you romantics out there, as there’s no denying that this 324-metre-tall iron tower is a favourite spot with lovers.

So why have Londoners chosen these five places as their favourite views? We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that vast amount of space could have something to do with it. Niagara Falls, Land’s End, and the White Cliffs of Dover are all wild, countryside locations offering stunning views while Central Park – despite its Manhattan address – is also all about nature.

So however much they’d make you believe otherwise, it looks like those urbanites all hanker for places with natural beauty and a little less footfall than Oxford Circus. The truth is out!

What are Londoner’s Favourite Views in the World? – words Alan Woods


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